Ross A Hall 9:37pm, 2 December 2006
What's interested me is that this lone piece of wood has gone from being a simple photograph to a small story in its own right.

It appears that Angus Robertson was 14 when he joined the Merchant Navy at the age of 14. His ship, SS Empire Comet, was sunk after 10pm on 19th February 1942 when she fell behind on convoy HX-174. U-Boat U-136 claimed his life, torpedoeing and sinking the ship near Rockall. 38 crew and eight gunners were lost when she went down.

Perhaps what makes this story a little sadder is that Angus was only 16 when he died. He was one of more than 500 boys killed in the Merchant Navy. So a random photograph becomes a reminder that in those dark days it was not just grown men who went to war - children went too.
florriebassingbourn 15 years ago
Is this the Tower Hill Memorial?

I intend to visit next time I get to London. I believe my Dad's brother, Alfred Heath, is on there. He went down in the "Llandovery Castle" in 1918, at the age of 18.
Ross A Hall 15 years ago
Yep. Tower Hill tube, you'll fall over it on the way to the Tower.

It can be a strange place - devoid of emotion one moment as you read thousands of meaningless names, then brought in to sharp relief by random and entirely personal acts of memorial.
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