paulpablopawel 1:18pm, 4 December 2006
Several months ago I had seen a photo of a granite statue of a naked woman lying on a gravestone (I believe in Italy). The commentary was that it was an unknown woman, suspected to be the mistress of the deceased. Now, I cannot find this photo -- do you know where I can find it? TIA.
onesmallflicker 15 years ago
There are a couple of graves that fit this description in Montparnasse. Do you recall the position of the woman?
argusfoto 15 years ago
I had saved one as a favorite.
leafy 15 years ago
ha! ... i have that saved too! ...
TheDamnMushroom Posted 15 years ago. Edited by TheDamnMushroom (member) 15 years ago
There's no shortage of Goths who will re-enact that scene for your camera.

As for whether they're thin and attractive, that's another matter. <eg>
kafka doodle 15 years ago
If it's the one I think it is, It's in the Cimitero Staglieno, in Genoa, Italy. I can't wait to go there myself... I've seen many photos of it.
is the link.
*omnia* 15 years ago
eternally sleeping

i wondered where all the sudden comments & faves were coming from ...
harra1958 15 years ago
my wife threatens to 'dance' on my grave!
paulpablopawel 15 years ago
Thank you so very much for your help - THIS is what I was looking for.
seriykotik1970 15 years ago
A lovely monument. Omnia is not Russian, it is Latin, and means "everything" as in "Amor vincit omnia"- Love conquers all.

Here is one from Moscow- not naked, but at minus 30 degrees C who can blame her?
soviet actress

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