In Memoriam: Mr. Ducke 2:04am, 19 April 2007

Next Friday, I am traveling to the UK for the first time. My wife is English, but we got married here in the US. I'll be staying with my in laws near Southampton.

Though I'll probably get to spend a day or two in London, for the most part we'll be based in Hampshire, North Baddesley to be specific. I'd greatly welcome suggestions of cemeteries & churchyards worth visiting in this area.

I have read a bit online about Southampton's Old Cemetery,and this sounds quite appealing to me. Anyone been there?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Matt (Mr. Ducke)
murburger01 15 years ago
try and get to Salisbury, its a very old city and there are a lot of graveyards about.
otherwise this is quite an interesting place -
In Memoriam: Mr. Ducke 15 years ago
Thanks, I think Salisbury will be quite possible for us. And the link leads to what looks like a great place to visit..
Ghazghul 15 years ago
Hi Matt,

Winchester has a few graveyards scattered about... West Hill Cemetery being one I have taken a few pictures at. There are many others around the city. I have never had anyone complain about me exploring any of them either. It's a popular city to visit with plenty of history. Here is my Winchester set :

Southampton is nearest large city to Winchester as is also a good place to visit, but is a little more shopping focussed.

Hope you enjoy your visit, I think Hampshire is a great place to live.

In Memoriam: Mr. Ducke Posted 15 years ago. Edited by In Memoriam: Mr. Ducke (member) 15 years ago
Thanks, Ghazghul! Winchester is definitely on our itinerary, my wife attended King Alfred's College, so we had planned this already. Now I have added the West Hill Cemetery to that day's agenda based on your lovely photos..
Mockney Rebel 15 years ago
If you are visiting Winchester there is also an old cemetery on Magdalen Hill road which is a bit more 'wild' than the others. I drive past it quite often and plan to take some photographs soon.
murburger01 15 years ago
if you are about on the 2nd of june -
In Memoriam: Mr. Ducke 15 years ago
Thanks, Mockney Rebel. I've written that down. Mrburger01, unfortunately I'll be back here by then; too bad, looks like fun..
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