TooLoose-LeTrek 12:38pm, 28 September 2005
I started a group dedicated to the largely Mexican festival, Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. As this festival often incorporates cemeteries and images related to subject matter possibly found in this group, I am posting this message, inviting anybody with suitable images to join.


The group name is
equable thought [deleted] 16 years ago
¡Calaveras y Diablitos!

Looking forward to the pictures.
Doctor Beef 16 years ago
How about a link, Tooloose? I don't know that I'd ever have pics to contribute, but I'd love to be in the group just to view the pics!
Crfullmoon 16 years ago
I put the name into Group Search and found it:
TooLoose-LeTrek 16 years ago
I was going to add that link when I posted this because I was having problems navigating Flickr, getting error messages when I tried accessing the group page. The above link is correct.

Thanks Crfullmoon.
Crfullmoon 16 years ago
Yeah, I've had lots of problems with tags, uploads, ect, the past few days, too.
TooLoose-LeTrek 16 years ago
Crfullmoon...we should start a revolution here.
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