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brash quilt [deleted] 12:45am, 5 December 2005
i'm looking for someone to swap stuff from Japan. fabrics, magazines, paper... stuff.
i also want to subscribe to Fruits magazine but i haven't found a place that ships outside the US.
i can send the money for the magazine - even old ones - or trade for dolls/fabric/goodies.
anyone interested, reply to this topic or send me an email.
cheap yak [deleted] 15 years ago
I'm living in Japan and buy Fruits and another magazine "Streets" quite often.You could contact me if you wanted to organise something.
judicious flowers [deleted] 15 years ago
with regard to getting fruits outside US/Japan, i'm in Australia and occasionally pick them up at a big Japanese book store called Kinokuniya. Maybe there's one near you?
leeaileen 15 years ago
We don't have Kinokuniya in Brisbane :(:(
helenlolita 15 years ago
I just ordered the street magazine from the link below. They can be ordered individually for $13 each. ;) 13 years ago
You can also buy Fruits through Amazon Japan (English on the details page):
misakihata 11 years ago
hi, this is kinder related, does anyone know where i can buy FRUits in england? xx
dansette 8 years ago
Misakihata, they sell it at Japan Centre in Piccadilly Circus London or online.
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