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∆ toma ϟ 9:31am, 30 June 2007
Post your best hdr sunrise of sunset shot!
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The Sunrise
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Alex Q. Arbuckle 14 years ago
Five Islands HDR sunset
vladdythephotogeek 14 years ago
Sunset in HDR - Canonsburg PA
BradnChe 14 years ago
I am super super new to HDR (and under 2 years of photography experiance in general too)... but I'm really enjoying the HDR stuff haha. My best sunset I'd say is:
HDR Landscape

There are a few more though if you want to browse my stream!
worldwidewandering Posted 14 years ago. Edited by worldwidewandering (member) 14 years ago

from worldwidewandering

I don't know if this is the best, but it is my best sunrise ( - not that I'm up early enough to take many sunrise pictures :-))
DA NI LO 14 years ago
il giorno incontra la sera
JPaul23 14 years ago
I've got friggin' millions of them, but I'm not the person to decide on a best one. Here's one I like a lot

the beetle goes to bed
Rich2012 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Rich2012 (member) 13 years ago
Key Largo sunset, Florida
anonymouscoward 14 years ago
Nice Sunset
AngryBuddha 14 years ago
Early Morning At French Creek
slyss 14 years ago
Kassel in the fog
Thorsten T 14 years ago
Berlin - Potzdamer Platz (HDR Panorama)
Dan Wiklund Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Dan Wiklund (member) 12 years ago
This seems the most popular so far

A lone windmill standing lookout at Oia
Joanna Vou 14 years ago
Golden Rays
colorful sugar [deleted] 14 years ago
HDR Viale al Tramonto
WintrHawk 14 years ago
Backhoe Sunset

MV Norwegian Star - Starboard Side Sunset

Pier 66 HDR
Rob Michalski 14 years ago
Here's mine:

few summer [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by few summer (member) 14 years ago
A sunset anyone of summer in Mérida

Sunset in the River
Rob Luzecky 14 years ago
Sunset and Clouds in Hawaii
..:CMYK:.. 14 years ago
(1 of 1)-2
M.Bob 14 years ago
Tokyo - Roppongi sunset HDR 5
functional reason [deleted] 14 years ago
sunrise HDR
Ryan Desiderio 14 years ago
Boracay Sunset
sevank 14 years ago
Sea,Clouds and Sun HDR
jasonmcconnie 14 years ago
Kensington Market
My best far :)

Jonathan_DeHate 14 years ago
HDR- Clearwater Beach
I had the Photomatix trial when I took this one, and yeah, I know it's not the best.
kyledg07 14 years ago
Pink Sunrise
gotcha! 14 years ago
A Blaze of Glory
chris kenny 14 years ago
sunset (part 3)
Mellard 14 years ago
Tiburon Marina Sunrise - HDR
Nick Haigh 14 years ago
brianvanessen 14 years ago
caddymob 14 years ago
Anthony Lujan 14 years ago
My before and after.
Second try at HRD
The End Of the Day
frogdog* 13 years ago
Old Gaol

There are some nice ones here, especially Bucky and Dan's
justpics2007 13 years ago
sunset back
8zil 13 years ago
Sunset by the canal revisited
Sinong Tatay Mo? 13 years ago
Puget Sound Sunset 1
here's mine

i4mac 13 years ago
the wall @ sunset lake

Looking at "the wall" in the Alaska Basin, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA
alvinkredible 13 years ago
moment of realization

this is mine taken by my house in Hawaii
Jeff Heard 13 years ago

This is a sunrise on a frosty morning at Nantahala National Park
Antonioski 13 years ago
Otoño 07 - Autumn 07
norm_p 13 years ago
Amundn 13 years ago
Tønsberg Tønne
powerful bucket [deleted] 13 years ago
fede0253 13 years ago
Nervi - Passeggiata
mrpb27 13 years ago
Paws2008 13 years ago
Sunrise II, East Hampton style
kennelman4life 13 years ago
Tappan Zee Bridge HDR
numberless number [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by numberless number (member) 13 years ago
Errr... this is my best one, my only one and my only HDR photo!! What's more, when I took the source photos I hadn't even heard of HDR, I was trying out different exposures. I came across again them over a year later (last week) and thought "hey, I wonder..." The source images are dreadful.

Trig Point on Lilleshall Hill
alanw 89 13 years ago
Isle Of Arran
TimOve 13 years ago
fuzzy smile [deleted] 13 years ago
The HDR version
The Nature of Things 13 years ago
Looking West
Martinrossi 13 years ago
Frozen Lawn at Sunrise
Ariffin 13 years ago
MRD Images 13 years ago
Berlin, NH Sunset
TheArtfulBadger 13 years ago
Gallery North 13 years ago
Barge Sunset
@EditorLiam 13 years ago
wow these are amazing, wish i had a better one to share

Night Tower HDR
johnshannock Posted 13 years ago. Edited by johnshannock (member) 13 years ago

My first attempt at HDR! Some great shots here.
popofphoto 13 years ago
how do u link photos plz?
accipitereye Posted 13 years ago. Edited by accipitereye (member) 13 years ago
popofphoto: Go to the photo you would like to attach, click on the "all sizes" link above the photo, choose the size you would like to attach, copy and then paste the HTML here in the comment section.

Compelling sky today.
nickhodaly 13 years ago
D80-Ahmed 13 years ago
The sea & the sunset ..
damaging toys [deleted] 13 years ago
Sunset in Mizen Head - HDR
lean attraction [deleted] 13 years ago
House [1/2]
ahinde19 13 years ago
St Joseph Island
marumb 13 years ago
CrowGirl 13 years ago
Raf Ferreira 13 years ago
Sunset Hamilton
persue23 13 years ago
theguywiththecamera 13 years ago
sunset after the storm
mbshane 13 years ago
Heading North, the sun sets on the left.
Paul Moss (Tas) 13 years ago
Blackmans Bay beach 3
Tophes 13 years ago
terry_usa 13 years ago
Sunset in Chicago
damaging toys [deleted] 13 years ago
St. Brigid cemetery - HDR
silversalty 13 years ago
Coney Island boardwalk sunset
HDR Park at Sunset
tiny_soprano 13 years ago
Dawn from Breedon Hill
alive day [deleted] 13 years ago
Dunraven Bay Sunset
Sunset at Dunraven Bay, Southerndown
spinfly 13 years ago
Shenandoah Valley Sunrise
rmaspero Posted 13 years ago. Edited by rmaspero (member) 13 years ago
geoff.greene 13 years ago
Sunset HDR
Vic Nic 13 years ago
my only sunest !

Sunset over Paddy's hole
Majestic Skies HDR
Darvi 13 years ago
The Air Near My Fingers
M1ke-Skydive 13 years ago
My second HDR, a sunset over the Lake District. Not as nice as half the shots here, but I shall share it nontheless.

Sunset Track
Emteehed 13 years ago
Heavenly Morning
Oscar W. Rasson 13 years ago
sunsets are gay.
But there are some beautiful ones here ^^
marumb 13 years ago
PJRobertson 13 years ago
Early Morning HDR
hozjan DESIGN 13 years ago
Florida Sunset. Not The best but fun, what do you guys think?

HDR Sunset #5 copy
JLMatsumoto 13 years ago
It's like the sky caught on fire....

Sunrise in Tranquility Park
standing twig [deleted] 13 years ago
Fishermen heritage
[Adam Baker] 13 years ago
falls road sunset
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