toastyoneuk 12:13am, 29 August 2008
Friday August 29th

In UK, we will have 2 demonstrations on the 29th of August (Friday) 2008. First one will be at the front of Burmese Embassy and Second one will be at the front of Singapore Embassy.

Kachin National Organisations from India, Japan, Denmark and UK are holding demo's at Burmese Embassies on August 29th

to show solidarity to Nhkum Hkawn Din's family ( a 15 year old girl) who was the victim of sexual violence and brutally murdered by SPDC soldiers
to stop Human rights abuses and systematic genocide of ethnic nationalities in Burma
to demand Senior General Than Shwe to appologize on State TV for such barbarian acts.
to gain Genuine Federal Democratic Union

Burma Embassy Demonstration
1pm-2pm Friday August 29th
Myanmar/Burma Embassy 19A, Charles St, London W1J 5DX.
Tube: Green Park | Map:

Burmese Activist Visa Problems in Singapore

The Burmese in Singapore have organised "more than dozen" events in the last few months, from the march along Orchard and Tanglin Roads during the Asean summit held in Singapore last November, to petition signing against the sham referendum, to prayer vigils for those slain in the streets of Rangoon. All have been peaceful, but they have also been a reflection of the deep anger felt by Burmese over the vileness of the military regime.

After those things happen, now six Burmese who actively organize for those peaceful movements, have been thrown out of Singapore in the last month or so when their residency passes were denied renewals.While the immigration office has not provided any explanation for any of these cases.

Now we are going to ask to singapore embassy in UK:
to stop Human rights abuses on Burmese people in Singapore by Singapore government
to stop supporting to the burmese junta

Singapore Embassy Demonstration
9 Wilton Crescent, Belgravia, London SW1X 8SP .
Time: 3pm-4pm Friday August 29th
Tube: Knightsbridge/Hyde Park Corner

News article on visa problem:
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