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This is where we're going to share our Origins photos showing others a picture that represents where we come from with the poem we wrote to go with it.

For an example, click on Jane Petring's photo:
Quebec Glâce by janeap1

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tagit_images4ed by carlaarena
Chicory Flower by aussiegall

I want my students to burst with confidence, energy, fortitude, and an awareness for all their surroundings.
Erika Cruvinel 12 years ago
My City Skyline by Erika Cruvinel
nayomie1 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by nayomie1 (member) 12 years ago
Oak leaves trapped in a veneer of ice. by nayomie1

Click on my picture to read my origins poem.
cheryloakes50 12 years ago

Where I'm from

I am from cold and snow
thoughts of family and togetherness
good memories of the best ski run of the day
great stories about winter that last all summer long
you can tell where our thoughts are on the first cool summer night
How many more days until the mountain opens? Will you be there with me?

Cheryl Oakes
Gabriela Sellart 12 years ago
Río Paraná by Gabriela Sellart
Natasa Bozic Grojic 12 years ago
The Place I am from

The place I am from

I am from the earth
Where my feet were planted
On the day I was born
Where I was watered
And sang to
I am from the birch
Whose juice can quench your thirst in summer
Where I was rocked
In a hammock
I am from the hexagonal house
Built by a surgeon with gentle hands
I am from the garden
Where you can rest in summer
I am from the little wood
Where my ancestor chose to be burried
I am from the river
Which can get really angry
And flood the fields
Otherwise it is nice,
Especially in summer.
az-tesol Posted 12 years ago. Edited by az-tesol (member) 12 years ago
The Rosette Nebula by DJMcCrady

I began, as with all that exists, as a divine spark in the infinite mind
and developed, over countless unknowable generations of generations,
into a singular entity which has grown and faded, grown and faded,
and is related and conjoined and coexistent in ways beyond my ken
to all the elements and aspects and iterations of creation.
keepps Posted 12 years ago. Edited by keepps (member) 12 years ago
P7140064 by keepps

Click on the picture to go to my page and read "Where I come from".
Michael Krauss 12 years ago
City Boys in Bass Country by Michael Krauss

City boys from Cowtown.
Even September sizzles.
Heat waves rise over asphalt flats.
Make me dream of open water at the end of country roads.
And then we are there,
Creeping over the water before the dawn arrives.
Parting the morning fog.
Exploring moss beds that hide the prize.
In silence, we present our chuggers, heard but not yet seen.
Success? Sometimes. Never failure.
Sweet lake smell and cool breeze blowing.
Memories etched securely.
Hush Puppies at lunch, Fried okra too.
Glass of tea so tall we had to talk around it.
City boys in bass country.
Growing up and growing old.
jomango274 12 years ago
I really don’t know where I’m from.
Neither Jewish nor Brethren nor Salvation Army.
Far from ‘Butter AND jam?’ and railway living.
Not private and shy and modest and mummy
Not mathematical, musical, community pillar.
Not apple pie and potato cakes on Sunday afternoons
Not stock and shares and seven more years.
That’s not who I am.
But playful and messy and living for now,
Bossy and bold and loving my lot.
I really don’t know where I’m from
What chemistry created the one I am
Who in the picture bequeathed each part
Who to blame and who to thank.
A little bit of this one and a little bit of that
Have made me ‘me’, the person I am
Who, to tell the truth, doesn’t much mind
Really not knowing where I’m from.

I started following the task for this week, but this is the poem that popped out! The picture, by the way, was taken about 1905 and is of my mother's family. My grandmother is the girl in the hat on the far left. My great grandmother and great great grandmother are also in the picture.
anamariacult 12 years ago
forest Chapada dos Guimarães by anamariacult

"Where I´m From"
I´m from books,
from cds and films
I´ve read, listened and watched.
I´m from family photos
I gather and cherish.
I´m from orchids
my loving husband cultivates.
I´m from the US,
England and France,
my second homes.
I´m from Brazil,
forests but also cities.
From Giuseppe,
my Italian great-grandfater
and from the love for pasta.
From embraces, smiles,
sweet words and support.
But most of all,
I´m from the people
I live for.
From the students
I teach and learn from.
etrc_moldova 12 years ago
Where I'm From

I am from the place I as a child used to call “headquarters”,
Only close people had access to it – we were happy and never to split.
We explored the world and had to any door the keys!
It is the place surrounded with huge trees,
Which sing in the wind, some blossom with cherries in spring.
High mountains guard the place and kiss the sky at night with grace.
If you climb up at the top of the rock,
You’ll see the village underneath, my school and lake and tower clock.
You’ll hear the dogs’ bark in the distance,
Heavy trucks pass by and sound of train’s existence.
The world seems gigantic and things twice in size,
If you look at them through the child’s eyes.
But time goes by and people change, so we moved place -
First, it was strange.
Now it’s OK, I have my private space,
But my heart lies in childhood bay!

cutenekko 12 years ago

I am from the heater,
Double parked in my room,
Which smells of garbage and cats,
Of leftover nabe-pot fillings and stuffing.
I am from the shoebox,
Which holds my lost mind
Under the desk
Beneath the computer and cell phones
And bills and visas and passports—
Oh my!
I am from the tired grandma
Waiting for the holiday
To finally take me away.
siberian_squirrel 12 years ago
I'm not good at writing poems, but I've found nice words about home.

"Where we love is home,
Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts"
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Homesick in Heaven

bridge in winter by siberian_squirrel
missy & the universe 12 years ago
siesta hut by missy & the universe

For Images4Education, Week 2 project-

I am from suklay,
from kulambo and abaniko.
I am from the gagamba that lurks in bathrooms
(hairy, scary and huge!)
I am from the santan flowers that bloom all year
the beautiful fruit trees – manga, bayabas, and buko.
I am from Papa Raul’s special lumpia and Lola Mitang’s chocnut.
I’m from mag-mano-ka and from naku! and balat sibuyas.
I’m from Panatang Makabayan and 3 o’clock prayers.
I’m from Nanay’s branch, kare-kare and palitaw.
From Tito Boy’s LP collection and Ate Lourdes’s jueteng numbers.
On top of my cabinet,
tied with red ribbon.
There are letters from dear friends.
I am from these thoughts and memories.
And these memories are mine.

vbecker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by vbecker (member) 12 years ago
UpIsland Beach Photos by vbecker

hovering in a dream
wide awake
nagora Posted 12 years ago. Edited by nagora (admin) 12 years ago
Wild nature of the Far East, Russia - My Motherland

Wild nature of my Motherland

Wild nature of my Motherland

My origin
is over the time harp
Went a wool-gathering forever.
My gate is great,
I am a child of mindon,
Flying in the air
Over the continents.
I am a call of life.

Where I am from? ...
It's difficult to say.
Perhaps, from pinewood and from Birchwood
And from the land of the rising Sun...

I am from tumolous land
Covered with fleur-de-lis and orpine.
I am from frosted lakes and rivers
full of gold fish.
I am from everywhere.
calmansi 12 years ago
"foaf" from Jim Ley's site by calmansi

Where am I from?

From Accra - never went there, but one night, Guido Sohne talked to me on his cell phone from Accra about African hopes and tragedies.

From the PIKPA center for children with disabilities in Vouliagmeni: we, the foreigners who'd come with the International Civil Service didn't know at first how we could be of any use to the kids, in 3 weeks - but they did.

The list would be looooooooooong.

So let's say, from the places where I've lived and loved and laughed and cried at times, from the places where friends have lived and loved and laughed and cried at times.
rose8birkhead 12 years ago
Where I am From by rose8birkhead

I am from the warm loving arms of my mom and dad
I am from the baseball diamond at sunset
From family dinners of chicken a la king and stuffed peppers
Family vacations to the Jersey shore and the pool on Woods Lane
I am from a world of laughter, stick with me and you’ll be wearing underwear!
I have crossed a bridge and have embraced the challenge of change
I am from love and hope to be a beacon of love to others
MrsB2018 12 years ago
Images for Education - Who I Am... by MrsB2018

I love a sunburnt country (as long as I'm inside!)
carolann.quart Posted 12 years ago. Edited by carolann.quart (member) 12 years ago
Hula Hoops
click on photo to read poem.
danielamunca 12 years ago
My creation by danielamunca

One of the most memorable moments of my university years - dancing national Moldovan and Romanian dances in the Folk Ensebmle "Arcanu". This picture reminds me of my origins, makes me proud to be Moldovan and share such a wonderful culture!
andreeapl 12 years ago
house of my dreams by andreeapl

I'm from milk'n'coffee
and brown suede boots
I'm from the 42 bus
zooming back and forth
I'm from stacks of Xerox copies
and eight black markers
in my bag
from the mp3 player blaring in my ears
and chocolate covered biscuits
I'm from fuzzy, bad photos
of cats, shoes and rainbows
But, mostly, I'm from
people that love me
people that hate me
people I have yet to meet
and the people I carry in my veins
joybells2009 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by joybells2009 (member) 12 years ago

From coalfires and black rimmed nails
tiptoeing on cold lino floors.
Rows of runnerbeans
large cabbages
and dive-bombing seagulls
that scare the cat.
Unsalted butter and
thick black tea
up eatly to deliver the post.
And in the loft
lie old shoe boxes
smote with dust
waiting to be found.
angelina7707 12 years ago
My Lisakovsk by angelina7707

My Lisakovsk
I am from a little town
which is on a big river
I've never known
I will enjoy it so long
I can't help admiring
Its peace and quiet roads
its clean streets
And the cleanest air
I love its friendly people
special traditions and
me in this lovely place
kellieady 12 years ago

photo by terraplanner

Though not born here
My heart is from here
My time is marked here
My life is lived here
Mile high and mountains wide
My real origins.
frantim 12 years ago

I am from paint brushes,
from turpentine and charcoal.
I’m from the silver fire hydrant,
and the gingko,
whose autumn limbs shed smelly fruit,
attracting long-eyed women
with plastic buckets.
I’m from chipped beef gravy and
Grandma’s codeine fix,
from Groucho, Ollie and WC Fields.
I'm from the knuckleheads
and the palookas,
the Pilgrims and
the voyagers in
coughing black ships,
from “Sister says” and “stay in line.”
I'm from Our Father
spitting watermelon seeds.
I'm from The Dead and Poolville Puddle,
from oyster stew and black tea leaves.
I’m from the happy job that Grandpa lost
to plutocrats, pride and a shovel in his hands.
The shots my father made, not touching the rim,
and the others he drank, all so we could
avoid the gasping working class.
Under my bed was a box of tin soldiers
blessed by the priests.
A holy dream of courage
lost to salutes and missing limbs,
to empty, toothless faces
of shaking men asking for a nickel or a dime.
I am from those spaces, those lovers, those saints.
The boy child,
a wise guy, one more prayer
hardly made.
helen100463 12 years ago
P1000079 by helen100463
bobsprankle 12 years ago

Where I'm From
by Bob Sprankle

I am from a sardine can
packed with 5 kids and 2 dogs
driving through the night
back to visit family in Baltimore
I am from "We's on Vacation!"
my father's yearly
victory cry for time off
for the week
spent elbow to elbow with
cousins and aunts and grandparents
and steamed crabs
I am from walks up the "Hill"
with brothers
calling it that even after the
sand trucks took it away
I am from Lady and Duchess
putting up pheasants
forgiving me for not having a gun
I am from chess games
up in the attic with brother
all day long
until all of life looks like a chess game
and I have trouble making a move
I am from long bike rides
into nowhere, never knowing
where I'd end up
or when I'd be home
but always in time for dinner
I am from onions
being sauteed by my mother
filling the house with its goodness
as I move from room to room
not turning on the lights
watching the walls turn their many flavors
in the setting sun
bleiva2003 12 years ago
Every rose ... by bleiva2003

Every rose ...
by Bertha Leiva (Caracas)

I have been between blue skies
and green mountains all my life
as well as wonderful weather
all year round.

Bertha is my name because Bertha is my mom,
a very powerful lady who is 90 and still goes on.
She prays for the family and the country everyday,
she wishes we could see the light at the end of the tunnel,
hopefully one of these days.

I have been among young university students
most of my professional life
USB [Universidad Simon Bolivar] smart people
wonderful girls and guys.

However there is much violence and abuse
in this military and authoritarian regime.
Our students are in danger,
this very minute indeed.

Please God keep an eye on them
and allow our country to emerge
from this nightmare which has lasted
too long, already more than ten years
and maybe still many more ahead.

I am hopeless, our best are going away
my kids, my nephews and nieces
my best students and friends …

I know what my origins are
but what´s next?
fivbert 12 years ago
Where Am I From?

Where Am I from?

A Midwestern girl
Born and bred
In the heart of the USA
Educated and married in Illinois
Raised a family of 3 wonderful children
On flat prairie lands
Suddenly moved
Quick like a rabbit
To mountainous western North Carolina
Land of the waterfalls
Land of the mountains
Land of retirement
Land of new experiences
Now y’all I’m a Suth’ner
Fixin’ to go down yonder!
jchaupart 12 years ago
Falaises à Bouziès, en Quercy, Lot, France by jchaupart

Je suis d’une étroite vallée,
encaissée entre deux Causses
par des falaises colorées,
du pays de la truffe noire,
de grottes préhistoriques
sur le chemin de St Jacques.

Enfant de la campagne
J’ai grandi au milieu
de vignes et du tabac
et d’autres cultures
dont les odeurs me sont
toujours présentes,
et aussi le chant du merle,
de la tourterelle et du perdreau.

Je suis de Bouziès,
minuscule village
seulement connu
par la proximité
de l’un des plus beaux
Villages de France
Saint-Cirq Lapopie.

Jean Michel Chaupart ¿a new poet? Hi. hi. hi....
Geekyteacher 12 years ago
Where I'm from :) by Geekyteacher

I am from technology,
from books, films, cds
from laptops, desktops, and printers.
I'm from the kitty I'm keeping.
I'm from my boyfriend and his dvds
There are piles and piles
that you can watch them all day long.
I'm from my grandmother,
who lives on the coast.
I'm from a bookshelf,
where keeping memories
many old picture books
stand there not alone.
Monica Lepcaliuc 12 years ago
Glimpses of Romania by Monica Lepcaliuc

I am from dozens of doors
into the fairy-tale worlds
blue moon on my ceiling
red lips which are freezing.
I am from stray dogs all cuddling
sunset - sunrising
rusty leaves paving my roads.
I am from shaddowy footsteps
of Stella and Rosa
the blue eyes of heaven.
I am from sprinkling water
from wild rare fauna
from castles and battles
and endless horizons.
loonyhiker 12 years ago
I am  by loonyhiker

I am from...
A history of the first railroads and mining for gold and salt,
The taste and smells of soy sauce and stir fry meals, and
The memories of the north and snow and fast paced living.
I am from...
A family with three daughters
A life as the baby of the family
A life full of love
I am from...
Parents with high expectations
Who instilled in me the pride in my heritage.
I am from...
A loving relationship with a man, who touches my soul,
A marriage that is based on honesty, respect, and lots of love, and
An absolute friendship that is filled with laughter and fun.
I am from...
A yard full of Flowers and mulch and worm compost,
A love of Mountains and nature,
Happiness in Tents and hiking boots,
A curiosity of yarn for crocheting and knitting,
A house full of books of all genre, and
Clutter and collections of treasures.
I am from...
The hopes of dreaming the impossible dreams
And never giving up.
Dowbiggin 12 years ago
Mom Looks Back at Firemen's Memorial by Dowbiggin

The above is a picture of my mother, looking back at the Firemen's Memorial Park in our hometown of East Rutherford, New Jersey. My brother Richard is a volunteer fireman in the town, and my mother and he still live in the house where I grew up. I was home in March/April to attend my father's funeral, and I had not seen this park since it was created. So we went and I took some pictures.

Among the names and memorials in the park is a special wall dedicated to Father Mychal Judge, casualty #0001 of the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 and Dennis Taormina, Jr. Fr. Judge served as a priest at the Catholic church in East Rutherford, and he worked with firefighters until his death. Dennis was a fireman in our town, and his day job was with Marsh McLennan at the World Trade Center.

Here's my poem:

Where I’m From
by Diane Main

1. I am from soccer balls,
2. from discarded keys and used-up cell phones.
3. I am from the jam-packed garage I avoid at all costs.
4. (Filled with bicycles, outdoor furniture, lawn mowers,
5. and sports equipment.)
6. I am from the honeysuckle vines on a neighbor’s fence,
7. the big tree in our driveway
8. whose roots started breaking into the foundation
9. until my folks had it torn out.
10. I am from potato scones and “chips with every meal,”
11. from Sybil and Stuart and old Grandma Dowbiggin.
12. I’m from Patti and the Speaketones
13. and the hill in the backyard behind Russell Harris’ house,
14. and “Good Night and God Bless.”
15. I’m from Oh Holy Night on the harmonica
16. in the bathroom
17. and Onward Christian Soldiers at Dad’s funeral.
18. I’m from Lizzie and Sid, Annie and Bill,
19. fish and chips that burned the curtains.
20. From the shrapnel in Granddad’s back
21. to the ships
22. that brought my parents across the ocean.
23. In a dresser in England was a drawer full of photographs
24. kept by my eldest aunt and her husband after her.
25. We sat and wrote the names on the backs
26. after she was gone, but some escaped us.
27. I close my eyes and soar across a continent
28. and an ocean, to find myself sitting on the edge
29. of the bed in her room, reaching for the drawer once more.
MountainCloud Man 12 years ago
Masa de maiz azul by MountainCloud Man

I am from flowerpots,
From forged iron balconies
And shady trees.
I am from sunny patios.
From crazy color splashes,
Tile roofs and adobe walls.
I am from lemon trees,
Epazote, hierba santa and mint.
I’m from the “ésta es tu casa”
And mole, guacamole and rice.
On the table tortillas
Hot salsa and flashy smiles.
I’m from Tina, Prima, Ota,
Monte Carlo and Huatulco,
And Guadalupe for ever.
Sunday mass, beers,
Piñatas, kids and buñuelos.
Don Quijote at school,
And Don Juan in every plaza..
Indian queens on every street
Ancient ghosts and old stones.
SasaSi 12 years ago
origins by SasaSi

I am from toy cars, lego bricks,paper, paints and brushes,
from computers, cables, gadgets,
from pots and pans and steaming stew,
from violets, pansies and mimosa.
smbrennan 12 years ago
Where I am from.jpg by smbrennan

I am from Australia, via
Ireland, England and Scotland
I am from convict stock
Flynn, Agnew and Moylan
Men who believed in their cause.
I am from the country
Quiet streets and empty paddocks
I’m from the ocean now
But still miss the inland
I am from the athletic track
And now the knees have faltered
I am from Ron and Dot
My mother had to share Ron (Sharon)
olgaahramenco 12 years ago
Russian communal flat by yo_dmitriy

Where am I from?
I'm from a communal flat
Surrounded by rumors and gossips
Smell of Auntie's Helen cream
A view of swarming cockroaches warming behind the radiator in the kitchen
The odour of my Mom's cherry croissants
The crispy bed linen, brought by her (Mom's) from outside
The languiding with the heat
Shiskin's three bear carpet on the wall
Disgusting onion soup
Long maths lessons
New foreign Saleam's pencils and juicy foreign chewing gum
That's all me
ELT MEMORIES Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ELT MEMORIES (member) 12 years ago

I am from the forest
I am from my neighborhood
I am from the pines
The space of my childhood

I am from the swings
I am from my pet
I am from my games
My family stage

I am from my teaching
I am from my gardens
I am from my Job
I am at my work place

I am from Anita
I am from her memory
My great abeuelita
I am from her image

Now, I am from my niña
I am from her love
I am from her life
I am from her essence
bettyjaneneary 12 years ago
I have my picture.poem and I added it to the group but now I don't know how to add my photo to the ORIGINS FORUM- HELP!
bettyjaneneary 12 years ago
sunrise seashore by bettyjaneneary
hili_ana 12 years ago
two worlds by hili_ana
h011y 12 years ago
Brook by h011y

I am from a long list of addresses
of packers and movers
and endless tobacco drives
toward steaming highway mirages.
I am from brothers who tangled
but gripped family tight.
Leather footballs and Erector Sets.
Forests lured me
wherever we landed
called me with brook bubbles
beckoned toward damp banks
summoned magical meadows.
I am from the subtle language
of sparkles and breezes
of shadows and hollows
so gentle
yet not forgiving.
I am from those verdant hours
and from dry schoolrooms
with subtle language
so harsh
and not forgiving.
I am from caution
in making new friends;
there is an art
to being the new kid
all the time.
olgaahramenco 12 years ago

Where am I from?
I'm from a communal flat
Surrounded by rumors and gossips
Smell of Auntie's Helen cream
A view of swarming cockroaches warming behind the radiator in the kitchen
The odour of my Mom's cherry croissants
The crispy bed linen, brought by her (Mom's) from outside
The languiding with the heat
Shiskin's three bear carpet on the wall
Disgusting onion soup
Long maths lessons
New foreign Saleam's pencils and juicy foreign chewing gum
That's all me
elenargy 12 years ago
beautiful sunset by elenargy

I am from the history of the world
where almost everything began
The road takes me to the Acropolis
where I walk with Sophocles and Plato
and we welcome the tourists with a big smile
I take the boat to the islands of the blue clear waters and of sandy beaches
The sun and the sea seem to blur the everyday problems
And I eat souvlaki and a greek salad to the taverna
and I listen to bouzouki and I dance syrtaki and rempetiko

And I end up to the island of Santorini to see the sunset
and keep this image inside until the next summer
as I always keep the beautiful pictures of my country deep inside

I am from the place where strong feelings arise
And stay for ever in our hearts
burg.elaine 12 years ago

I have dual citizenship.
I am from a view of the Rockies, beautiful and snow-capped.
I am from the fireplace, the big leather chair, Carol Burnett,show,
lots of jokes, hand sewn dresses
and gadgets galore.
I am from the scent of lilac bushes,
the big backyard,
and kick the can on hot summer nights.
I am from home cooked meals, brownies and shortbread at Christmas, aunt Esther, mom and dad.
burg.elaine 12 years ago

I am from the desert southwest,
saguaro, rattlesnakes,
scorpions, and cottontails.
Sunning and swimming all day long.
I am from the scent of the desert
after a rain, birdwatching, chipmunk feeding and photos of many sunsets.
Forever inspired by the sights, sounds, and smells of childhood.
caddellc Posted 12 years ago. Edited by caddellc (member) 12 years ago
Aug63 by caddellc

I am from
the front porch during a thunder storm
the garden with huge warm tomatoes
the cherry tree, its bark rough for climbing
the attic with dark red peppers hanging to dry
the basement and cantaloupe slices on too-hot summer days
the wine cellar: a child's portion, cut with 7-up
the open window, honeysuckle nearby
the kitchen upstairs and nana's bread
the garage where we played when Kennedy was shot
I am from
people who sewed and painted, served and cared
people who crossed to become and unbecome
I am from Granpa's house
the home I can still go home to
in Mamaroneck, New York
sdpankhurst Posted 12 years ago. Edited by sdpankhurst (member) 12 years ago
Where I Am From

I am from the one blood
Mann is only the street
I am from the Frankenstein
Who chases clever clowns over fences
And the freshly mown yard

I am from stabbing holes in a precious chair
And the punishment that never came
only love

I am from Australia
though not from convict blood (unfortunately)

I am from women rights and suffrage
Equality the dream
And a fair go

I am from the stone watchers from high towers
The nocturnal watchers in their high trees
The graveyard watchers of the sleeping

I am from Belief and Faith
The pillars of a Life
Maria Irene 12 years ago
cllecr Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cllecr (member) 12 years ago
My Origins by cllecr

I am from saguaro and ocotillo thorns
Poppies that bloom with the spring rain
and desert sunsets
I am from red ants and bare feet
Tarred dirt roads, trailer parks
And rainy night scrambles with neighborhood friends
gathering buckets of frogs in the dark
I am from my father, Jim's arthritic pain
From my mother's brusque demeaner
From "don't take yourself so seriously "
to "focus on what you CAN do, not what you CAN'T"
My grandma brushing my curls into ringlets
Family reunions, Scottish brogue and campfire music
Milk toast and tea to settle a stomach
Goulash and cream puffs made from scratch
I am from rustic cabins in National Parks
Grand Canyon, Zion, Yellowstone
Predawn fishing and trout for breakfast
Taking time for the color of sunset
I am from rebellion, risk, and curiosity
calmed by a thirst for knowledge
I am from broken families and forgotten lives
I am left behind and leading the way
edtec2002 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by edtec2002 (member) 12 years ago
The Old Farmhouse by Katherine (KAS Photography)

I'm from the farm
Dogs and cats and horses and cows
Homemade donuts
Finger painting
Wallpaper with flowers
Bedrooms on the second floor
Going to bed when it's still light outside
A little girl in a yellow dress
A yellow wooden screen door
My dog Sheppy following me
Hiding in the hay mow
A one-horse open sleigh
mme henderson 12 years ago
Mes Origines by mme henderson

I am from the Portal of Sorrow in Gorée;
I am from America, the land of opportunity.
I am from Peter and Rebecca;
I am from John and Mallie.
I am from the cotton fields and slave cabins of Texas;
I am from the freeways and suburbs of Houston.
I am from the Electric Slide and the Cupid Shuffle;
I am from ballet, tap, and jazz.
I am from Chopin and Ravel;
I am from Scott Joplin and Alica Keys.
I am from hot water cornbread and collard greens;
I am from foie gras and smoked duck salad.
I am from drinking water from a Colored fountain;
I am from drinking champagne from crystal flutes in fine restaurants.
I am from not being allowed to read;
I am from receiving a Master’s Degree and delivering the opening prayer for the commencement ceremony.
I am from a forced voyage from a land I have never seen;
I am from European voyages with first class train accommodations.
I am from pride… in my ancestors, in my heritage, in my history, in my country;
I am from pride in a profession that allows me to make a difference in hundreds of lives.
I am from the Portal of Sorrows in Gorée;
I am from America, the land of opportunity.

The Portal of Sorrows In Gorée. Click the picture for the history of this portal.
Portal of Sorrow by The Wandering Angel
nicoleta gramada 12 years ago
Where I'm from by nicoleta gramada

Where I’m from…
By Nicoleta G.

I’m from the love my parents shared
And from their parents’ loving care
I’m from the narrow street which once
I walked on during my kindergarten glance
And from the smell of pancakes
which gathered all of us at meal
And from the whiteness of the cloth
hanging heavy on a washing line still
I’m from the old plum tree
guarding the greenish backyard
Accepting us as lifelong friends
I’m from the hermitage
my grandfather erected at his peak
And from the Godish words
or faces that were surrounding us
Not many words were spoken
but many facts indeed took place.
Carol (vanhookc) 12 years ago
Where I am From
by C. VanHook

I am from stately old pecans trees
supporting wheel barrow tree houses
I am from the afternoon jingle
of the ice cream man strolling down the lane
I am from amusement parks and hula dancing in the streets
with cousins at Grandma and Pa’s
My bank account is filled with memories of shiny white bush-coins
that made me rich in play
I am from the deep South where cold springs take the swimmer’s
breath away, fishing on the dock and swimming in the seaweed
I am from journeys into town with Papa to shop Piggly-Wiggly
and to climb the mountain of library steps
for awaiting adventures with Nancy Drew
I am from a red Cocker who could play hide and seek
and a Siamese that would leave headless gifts in my bedroom closet
I am from country ham and biscuits, pecan pie, boiled peanuts, and pinto beans--
real soulful, Southern delicacies
I am from teenage shopping trips with Mom in search of Bobby Brooks
I am from big oaks and pines and rows and rows of rainbow-colored flowers
I am from a Daddy’s royal harvest of silver queen, red juicy tomatoes,
and purple crowders just waiting for a Mother’s yummy Sunday dinner
I am from aunts and uncles who adored the nieces and nephews,
cozy visits, and words of wisdom that gave us a wealth of confidence
I am from the mindset that there is something good in everyone
and that when you find your true love,
it's a 50/50 “give and take” relationship
I am from a genealogical mix spanning Pennsylvania to Georgia!
The memories are precious and give tribute to a happy childhood!
mfr Posted 12 years ago. Edited by mfr (member) 12 years ago
Where I'm From by mfr

Where I am from, by Fernanda

I'm from calm lagoons
and rough seas
from sweet-smelling bushes
and pinetrees
I'm from boats with lanterns
and harpoons to catch fish
From friends together in quiet songs
and guitar hums
camping by the water
bread and milk for breakfast
fog, mist and drowned children
women in the distance
in the water up to their knees
getting clams
I am from the distant hill
where I want to stick a flag
and rule my dreams
amor8 12 years ago
tesuquer 12 years ago
Where I'm From

I am of Eve.
First beginnings in Utero...
Not of Rib
But of SEED.
smilin7h 12 years ago
driftwood wheel and moss by smilin7h

Here is my photo -- if Carla's kind advice works for me!

and here is my poem again:

I am from driftwood, moss, sky-blue day-flowers, meandering creeks, croaking frogs, humming cicadas, tiny shiny blue beetles on willow leaves, may-apples, bits of bark, butter ‘n egg blossoms, unburied and cherished stones,

and other quirky oddities, most often explored barefoot…

I am from National Geographic magazines, tin drinking cups, well-browsed library shelves, dog-eared corners on favorite pages, journals, musty-smelling atlases, preciously stored correspondence, carefully preserved leaves and seeds pressed therein...

I am from deep-dish fresh blueberry pie, roast stuffed-chicken dinners, buffet-style gatherings, tent-camping trips, powdered milk and mountain-climbing.

I am from ancestors with their feet planted deep in the earth, who cry at the destruction of “progress” (agricultural acreage lived and loved for four generations gone Home Depot & Pizza Hut)

I am from many precious little things (and big things) lost to a horrifying house fire in 2006.

--I am from smiles, compassion, passion…

--and I am from much more than this.

cathywol Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cathywol (member) 12 years ago
Damariscotta Lake by cathywol

I am from a place where there is a view
It might be Maine;
It has been places all over the world
I am from places that have water to view
0ceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls.
I am from exploring with others
and enjoying the moment.
I am from a time of cancer and a return to health;
A chance to renew and revisit.
I am from parenting, teaching and hopefully
always learning.

Cathy Wolinsky
lorna.costantini 12 years ago
Crystal mist sharp and piercing
Rolling thunder
Rushing waters
Wonder of the world so fierce and mighty
Winter's fury can't contain you.
I'm from winter and snow and ice
Babu1978 12 years ago
Mangal das Garças by Babu1978

Belém is an amazing place to live! I really like it!
bananas for breakfast 12 years ago
The Origin of ME! by bananas for breakfast

I come from dirt and rain,
the smell of trees, walks in the woods.
I am from my family, but also from another.
I am from my country but live in another with many I have loved along the way.
The smell of pulp, the lake in the summer,
skiing, skating on frozen lakes and rain, rain, rain...
The smell of the earth and trees after the rain cannot be explained.
I come to Japan via Stockholm and Prague.
I come from family friends, shared Christmas dinners, ski trips and music and skating camps.
From friends and dinner parties and road trips across borders.
From books and photos and real life adventure.
I have travelled thousands of miles and now here I am.
In my home of green, a rice paddy close to my daughter's school.
This is my home. And I am happy here.
lloydcrew Posted 12 years ago. Edited by lloydcrew (member) 12 years ago
July 24 by lloydcrew

I am from here and there, moving every two years as I grow up
I am from 4 sisters and 2 brothers
I am from a farm with horses, goats, cats and dogs
I am from exploring on barn roofs and through alfalfa fields
I am from a bustling city with crowded streets and moving people
I am from running on the beach on the road on the grass
I am from the morning light
I am from a lovely family with my husband and three children
i am from gratitude and peace
I am from yesterday today and tomorrow
bonnyasefue98 12 years ago
a windmill in barbados by bonnyasefue98
yya2 11 years ago
venezuela2 by yya2

Where I am from …

I am from Caracas, Venezuela
From a city with traffic, pollution and people with a great heart.
I grew up in the barrios in the hills
With people working, singing and living.
I am part of a big family that likes sharing moments on weekends,
Parks, rivers, Caribbean sea, trips, parties with sisters and cousins.
Part of me comes from the mountains in the Andeans,
A bahareque house with grandma and grandpa,
Green, animals, cold and wood around
No electricity, no gas, no running water
Only love, family and peace surrounded me.
etutoria 11 years ago
olive_tree by etutoria

I am from a land
from where seamen discovered the world.

I am from a land
where old and new live together.

I am from a land
smells of sea and earth,
corn and olives,
rain and sun.

I am from a land
with a city starting by a river
and extending over the ocean.
Zubenkotv 11 years ago
Rose by Zubenkotv

I am from the flower
That loves and hugs the whole world
And teaches all students
To be friendly and clever.
vukasinbvasic 11 years ago
Partizan Belgrade Soccer Temple by vukasinbvasic

There is only one team
The whole my life I am with him
I sing whole day long
Partizan Belgrade
decisive floor [deleted] 11 years ago

I am from Ramat-Gan
And now I leave in Netivot
Both of them in Israel
As you may not know
I've been through a lot in my short life
When I had to cut my soul with a knife
My best friend died in a terror activity
And the fight in the Holocaust made me be
I also believe that peace can happen soon
It depends on listening and excepting as a pontoon
Let's try to find peace in the Middle East
So we and the world can be released
SoaadHamed 11 years ago
I am not a good writer but i am enjoying trying doing everything here :)


I am from the Nile
From the land of the Pharoas
I am the bride of the Nile*1
sacrificing a soul every year
So i instigate the flood of the Nile

I lived been el asreen*2
but Nay,
I am not Amina 4*
I am Nabwya Mosa 3*
Change, pride, passion
known about me
Change is inevitable
But change to be myselfself
carlaarena 11 years ago
family_oldphotos by carlaarena

I am from a Brazilian dream
thriving on the "Planalto Central"
in the middle of nowhere

I am from a Brazilian dream of
hard working souls who built in five bustling migrating years
on a plateau with twisted trees and low vegetation
Concrete, modernism

I am from a cultural mix of Brazilian North easterners
and Sicilians
running along the aisles of coffee plantations
eating polpette della nonna

I am from the sounds of my mom's sweet deep voice
following the tones of a guitar
The loud Italian table that seemed like a Sicilian battle

Loud laughs
Comforting laps
Integration and separation

I am from a dream of Carlo and Maria
the intensity of gestures
the Italian temper
the just
the sister connections never untied

I am who I am because of this dream.
hurricanemaine 11 years ago
A view of the farm by hurricanemaine

Where I am from:

1. I am from two worlds,
2. from farmers and laborers,
3. I am from the nature around me.
4. (Fresh, new
5. ever changing through the years.)
6. I am from the gardens and pastures,
7. whispers of ancestors
8. long gone and never met
9. sharing love of open spaces.
10. I am from antiques and wood,
11. From Edna and John and Ginger.
12. I’m from those who fear change
13. from those who know what matters,
14. and those who live close to the land.
15. I’m from Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
16. and destroy nothing
17. and old quotes that call for reason.
18. I’m from natural resources
19. stones and trees, and water.
20. From the old plows and tools
21. standing at the ready to be remembered again
22. and finding place in numerous old photos.
23. Dozens of scrapbooks line shelves in the dining room
24. prettily dressed in paper and ephemera
25. stories and dates and names included
26. flooding memories with each turn of the page.
27. I am Antevasin --
28. a student on the ever shifting borders --
29. crossing between two worlds.
Denise De Felice 11 years ago
Nando - view from Sugar Loaf

This is a photo one of my sons took last year when he reached the top of the Sugar Loaf peak (in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), after climbing its 1,299 ft (396 m).

Where I’m from?
I’m from many places
Places I’ve been to
And places I long to know.
I’m from places I’ve read about
And from places I’ve seen on TV or on my Mac.
I’m from my family’s and friends’ places,
including my Images4Education friends’ awesome places.
I’m from places I love
And from places I don’t connect so much with.
I’m from my children’s beautiful hearts
And from my dear students’ as well.
I’m from the ocean
From Earth
From outer space
From e-space.
I’m from every experience I’ve had
Or will have.
Where I’m from?
I’m from home.
From my hometown
From my home country
From my home planet
From my home universe.
I’m from everywhere.
Jocelyn Wright 11 years ago
DSC08824 by Jocelyn Wright

Originally from the west
Currently out east
A restless soul continuously on the move.

With too many experiences to track,
Blurry memories of childhood are locked jumbled in my mind.

Only recent times are in focus.
Sharp snapshots I take:
Zoooom, beep, click.

Particularly precious are times of travel -
So many new adventures, chance encounters, beautiful sights, savoury food, fresh ideas… -
And meetings with friends and loved-ones
Bringing lively discussions, laughter, talks of new projects and dreams…
Ah, quelle joie de vivre!

People say, “Home is where the heart is.”
My heart guides my feet.
Memories do not compute.
Origin has scant meaning.
My heart is here; I know only now.
marydw1 11 years ago
Lake by marydw1

I am from water and leaves
lakes and trees.
Crabapple trees and oaks
sunflower seeds and acorns
grosbeaks and squirrels.
I’m from books on the shelves, tables, rugs,…
Photos, newspaper clippings and magnets.
I am from Thom and Mary
Hal and Eileen.
I am from corn and stuffing
date squares and snowballs.
I'm from smells of fresh baking,
Rosy cheeks and crisp air-
Gliding peacefully through the snow.
Janet Bianchini Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Janet Bianchini (member) 11 years ago
My Origins Photo:Mountains of Abruzzo by Janet Bianchini

I am now from the wilds of Abruzzo
from central Italy
I was from the cosmopolitan hub
of a medieval university city
The two forever linked
by nonna Natalina's move
from rural village
to sophisticated Oxford
The mountain of adventure beckons
enticingly amidst the cool backdrop of ancient olive groves, centuries old
learned trees, the fruits waiting
to be picked by my fair hand
Ice-capped peaks denoting a
majestic grandeur
The valley of adventure waiting
to be explored
Virgin territory as yet untrampled by
swarms of tourists
I am off the beaten track
No postman dares venture beyond
the old ruined farmhouse
perched precariously on the hilltop
Isabella and Sofia rule the roost
Nikita and Chikita as yet unborn
Soon to be united in a glorious
mingling of all creatures great and small
This is my destiny
This is my future
This is where I am now
idevaldivia 11 years ago
La Mar by idevaldivia

I came from the mountains and the sea,
went to an island
and now I live in three rivers.
bettyjaneneary 11 years ago
Where I'm From by bettyjaneneary

I am from a bustling city with a rich history,
America's first capital city,
Great thinkers William Penn and Benjamin Franklin,
Soft pretzels, hoagies, cheesesteaks munched at ball games,
Colorful murals on walls and buildings,
Busy streets, tourists,
The Art Museum and the Liberty Bell,
The City of Brotherly Love!
Marcia Martins 11 years ago
mac_img by Marcia Martins
heddesheimer 11 years ago

I'm living in a small city that is quite famous for their "Holstentor" building. You see a picture of it here.
dgve Posted 11 years ago. Edited by dgve (member) 11 years ago
I am from
a ranch style home,
two outdoor dogs,
used furniture and family photographs

I am from
grandbaby's toys,
husband's tools,
my magazines, books and crossword puzzles

I am from
a gentle aging desktop,
a Goodwill buy boombox,
and our family's first flat screen TV.

I am from
my light blue Honda fit,
husband's beat up red pickup
and baby seats for both.

I am from
the stauncy conservative German
adapting to the happy go lucky Mexican.

Yin and Yang...
the ant needs a grasshopper!
roelli2010 11 years ago
Natasa Bozic Grojic Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Natasa Bozic Grojic (member) 11 years ago
SSL21524 by Natasa Bozic Grojic

I am from the fields
I am from the whisper in the grass
I am from the earth
From the dirt
Under your fingernails
I am from the boy
Who went to war
When he was 12
I am from the tiny woman
Who raised four children
All by herself
I am from the lawyers
And the peasants
From the teachers
And the doctors
From the nameless housewives
Who told beautiful stories
I am from the singers
And the dancers
I am from the morning mist
Above Kalemegdan park
I am from burnt lunches
And overcooked vegetables
I am from a room
Where pigeons nested
On the window-sill
I am from a dream
Hidden inside a notebook
I am from this very day
Forty-three years ago.
esolcourses 11 years ago
My origins photo:

Mersey Skyline

Click on the photo to read my poem.

smilin7h Posted 11 years ago. Edited by smilin7h (member) 11 years ago
another view fire by smilin7h

I am from flower petals,
…chicory, day flower, butter ‘n eggs, dog-toothed violets,

I am from ashes, [total loss house fire August 10, 2006]
…a deeper understanding of friendship, priorities, resilience

I am from pineapple upside-down cake,
…aromas of crisped brown sugar, pineapple juice, sweet cherries

I am from willow-whip on bare-ass and wooden spoons on knuckles growing pains, …was I really such a naughty little girl?

I am from skinnydipping in natural lakes in the summertime,
…at night, undercover of darkness in the silky waters of Long Pond, Maine

I am from special treatment – the only girl in a family of many, many boys …I was the maid, boys played outdoors; I had my own room, 3 brothers shared another

I am from spoilsport to OK-to-lose/love-to-play games: cards, Monopoly, Life, Parchesi, Milles-Borne, Krypto, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Stratego, Sorry, Password, more!

I am from Carole King, Elton John, Cat Stevens, Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac, Olivia-Newton-John, Sweet Honey In the Rock, Patsy Kline, Bruce Springstein, Enya (eclectic!)

I am from multiple career endeavors:
…clerical, insurance,floral shop owner, newspaper office, K-12 teacher, adult ed, more!

I am from never enough time to pursue all the passionate dreams I have schemed…

I am from making enough time to share a bit of my story,

Where are you from?

Holly [Charlottesville, VA, USA]
roelli2010 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by roelli2010 (member) 11 years ago
Malakowturm_Prosper by roelli2010

I'm from the coal mine region
the black Malokov tower
I'm from Bottrop
a name so heartwarming to me
belittled by many
I'm from the down to earth people
from those who just live their lives
and get on with it
I'm from Änne and Johannes
Oma Alkemper's favourite
I'm playing with her in the garden
Anke and Tina coming round
the garden full of little kittens
their soft tiny paws on our hands
I'm from Herzogstraße
children playing ball games
in the street crossing the motorway
and leading into the forest
I'm from parents calling us home at night
from a close neighbourhood
where "die andere Oma" lived just round the corner
cold children's coffee
and salty sandwiches
fish cakes and herring on Fridays
Saturdays new flowers on the grave
Sunday walks in the forest
I'm from close family ties
sharing a room with Ursula
Burkhard in constant need of a guardian
I'm from favourite cousins, aunts and uncles
and from the less adored ones
I'm from I help you and you help me
from deeds rather than words
I'm from ups and downs
war and peace
I'm from home
Vicky Saumell 11 years ago
Hi, all!

I couldn't cope with this week's taks but I am now reading and enjoying all your wonderful poems and pics!

Sanja B 11 years ago
[My Origins Photo]
Sheellahh 11 years ago
Where I am from by Sheellahh
Msbea3 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Msbea3 (member) 11 years ago
I went for a collage twice (with FotoFlexer) but I'm glad I couldn't save them -it was a way of drafting, and now I have a cleaner version. I hope you like them.

Storytime by Msbea3
bcinfrance 11 years ago
I tried a smaller format but it just didn't get the feeling of the photo across to me:

Port d'Olympia
alftimartmir 11 years ago
My niece near the creak by alftimartmir

I'm from a birch -tree grove with strawberries and mushrooms
And a small creak with fish and frogs near the village with sandy roads.
I'm from Beatles songs, Ravel's bolero, Hayams's rubaii,
From Dad's long poems, classical literature and cinema.
I'm from roses and apples, Granny's caresssing hands,
Mum's strict eyes,my sister's songs and our singing together in banya
From fairy-tales, games played together,
Every New year's believing in miracles!
edtechteach 11 years ago
Heavenly Skies by edtechteach
yasemin.gulbahar 11 years ago
nature01 by yasemin.gulbahar

look at the details...
flippant rabbits [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by flippant rabbits (member) 11 years ago
Where I am from

I am from Lima
a lovely city
full of friendliness
and colourful gardens.
I am from lovely beaches full of
Cebiches & Cuzqueñas.
I am from a place
where foreigners
want to stay for ever!
I´m from a place where
grandmas & godmothers
give kids lots of love.
I am from a dry desert
with lots of green areas.
I am from a multicultural place
where Indians, Chinese, Africans,
and Spanish live together.
I am from a developing country
where visitors see closely
one of the 7 Wonders of the World!
Tanzantine 11 years ago
The Bosphorus by Tanzantine
Groups Beta