anamariacult 12:22pm, 19 January 2009
Post your where you want to be photos here.
anamariacult 12 years ago
FAMILY by anamariacult

At this right moment, I want to be with the people I love.
etrc_moldova 12 years ago
Where I want to be by etrc_moldova

After exploring flickr toys - These are the places where I want to be: Tokyo, Chicago, San Francisco, Moscow. I would also like to take a ship cruise and see our Earth from space.
You can see Madagascar there - it is one of my favourite cartoons, I would like to audit a cartoon ))))
I like cinema very much, so anywhere one of teh best places for me is cinema house.
Bill Graziadei 12 years ago
Cinque Terre , Italy Cinque Terre , Italy. We are planning this trip for fall 2009. For now, these photos keep us alive and excited!
siberian_squirrel 12 years ago
I love London.

My creation by siberian_squirrel
danielamunca 12 years ago
My creation by danielamunca

One of the most memorable moments of my student's life - dancing national folk dances in "Arcanu" - the folk ensemble of my university. It reminds me of my roots, it shows me how lucky I am to be part of such a great culture and it makes me proud to be Moldovan!
What do you say - do I look good?
vbecker 12 years ago
Ollie by vbecker

Ollie, my son, has just moved to Los Angeles. He has a job he loves and just rented a house in the exact area he had wanted to live, across from Griffith Park. I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch him work and see his new house. He graduated from Bard College in May '08 - he walks in grace.
Gabriela Sellart 12 years ago
air by Gabriela Sellart

I used the Palette Generator to choose the colors.

Then the Hockneyizer.

Finally, I added the frame.
rose8birkhead 12 years ago
Where I'd Like to Be by rose8birkhead

I would love to travel to Ireland. I have never been to Ireland, and have wanted to travel there for a very long time. I hope to someday take a nice long vacation to Ireland.
I have been a Harry Potter fan for many years and wish the fictional world of Hogwarts existed.
Natasa Bozic Grojic 12 years ago
Grand Canyon HDR

I have been invited to visit a dear friend who lives in Arizona. My son and I are planning this trip for the spring holidays.
I hope we'll see the Grand Canyon.
dilipbarad 12 years ago

I want to be in the seventh sky!
helen100463 12 years ago
Right now I would love to be here on this historic and hopeful day :)
USA - Washington DC - Capitol panorama by Darrell Godliman
keepps Posted 12 years ago. Edited by keepps (member) 12 years ago
Where I want to be by keepps

Click on the arrow to play the movie.

I made the slides with Keynote (iWork08) and exported them as a Quicktime movie. The slides are in this set.

Catches my attention by keepps

I "Hockneyized" one of the slides at Big Huge Labs.

All the photos are my own.
kellieady 12 years ago

photo taken by me!
This spot is in Northern California near Trinidad & the Redwood National Forest. Probably a bit cold this time of year, but one of the most spectacular places I've ever seen.
az-tesol Posted 12 years ago. Edited by az-tesol (member) 12 years ago

This is near where I'd like to be. The photo
shows a very artistic view of the monoliths
just off the Cannon Beach, Oregon coast.

I lived in Arch Cape (which was only three
or four miles south of Cannon Beach) and
had some of the best experiences of my life
there. In time, I moved from Arch Cape to
Portland and from Portland to Phoenix.
frantim 12 years ago

I'd like to be in the Shanghai Art Museum.
nayomie1 12 years ago
1. rocks and twigs, 2. rocks and twigs, 3. rock nest, 4. rocks and driftwood

rockMosaic by nayomie1

I'd like to spend my days looking for 100 shades of grey.
bleiva2003 12 years ago

I wish I could travel not in time but space and be teletransported, like in Star Trek, to Toronto and spend a couple of days or even hours with my daughter, and come back home to my husband and son after a short stay away, ha, ha. I miss her a lot.
fivbert 12 years ago

I have a simple desire. I want to be Happy!
Erika Cruvinel Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Erika Cruvinel (member) 12 years ago
Where I want to be 2 by Erika Cruvinel

I want to watch fireworks
I want pinatas overhead
I want to be on top
I want the feeling of riding a roller coaster
I want to learn how to make origami cranes
I want to fly to the moon
and fly over mountains
I want to dive
I want to photograph every flag
I want to see the universe
I want colors
I want peace
Geekyteacher 12 years ago
My creation by Geekyteacher

I'd like to be here, at my new home, with my boyfriend and my little cat, waiting to start a new school year where "new" is really "new".
loonyhiker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by loonyhiker (member) 12 years ago
My creation 365.21 by loonyhiker

These pictures show where I would like to be in my mind: with my husband, on the hiking trail, in the garden, and making a difference to others.
Dowbiggin Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Dowbiggin (member) 12 years ago
I actually want to be in Kirkby Lonsdale, England. The weather's pretty junky there right now, but it's a place I always love to go to. And I don't have any pictures, except those by other Flickr users which I have added to my favorites.

So I played with those Flickr Toys and made a mosaic of some recent favorite pics.

California Mosaic by Dowbiggin

I also really liked the Magazine Cover tool:
Summer Fun Magazine Cover by Dowbiggin

The picture is my son, last July, splashing around. We found the pictures on an older digital camera a couple of weeks ago and I had not seen them before. Where I live, summers are generally glorious.

Finally, in August, a friend and I took my son to the tidepools in Santa Cruz, less than an hour from San Jose:
Cameron at Tidepools by Dowbiggin
smbrennan 12 years ago
Ireland.jpg by smbrennan

Most of my family originated in Ireland and one day I intend to visit the places all my ancestors came from.
SasaSi Posted 12 years ago. Edited by SasaSi (member) 12 years ago
motivator1327398 by SasaSi

I want to stop time and dance freely for awhile. :-)
MountainCloud Man 12 years ago
I want to be in my lovely city:

OAXACA by MountainCloud Man

with my students

Where do I want to Be? by MountainCloud Man

trying to find new ways to learn joyfully!

My favorites for education by MountainCloud Man

Monica Lepcaliuc 12 years ago

Take a look at my slideshow and discover the places I would like to be in... :)
Monica Lepcaliuc 12 years ago
Friends by Monica Lepcaliuc

But this is what my heart with my friends and have the time of a lifetime, free and happy
bobsprankle 12 years ago

The two I always want to be with.
ELT MEMORIES 12 years ago
My creation by ELT MEMORIES

Wanna be around the world taking pictures
h011y 12 years ago
Attracted to shiny things and colored lights. by h011y

Hmmm... I like very much where I am right now! It looked like fun to play with the flickr toys, though, so I indulged my color fantasies: Chihully, NASA, NOAA, Aurora.
olgaahramenco 12 years ago
Places I wonna be by olgaahramenco

I like nature very much, so I wonna be somewhere near the nature
jchaupart 12 years ago

Tomorrow - january 24 - I hope to be at the inauguration of a 6,3km cable with 40 cabins between the National Chicamocha Park and the Mesa de los Santos, in Santander, Colombia (50km south of Bucaramanga).
Mr.Alvaro Uribe, president of Colombia, will be at the inauguration.
The cable has been built by a french company.
hili_ana 12 years ago
hockney8652521 by hili_ana

I want to be in a new home near the lake walking with my dog and my 10 year old son.
gptraveler 12 years ago
I would like to be in any tropical local, at least until the warmer weather arrives around here. This is a 2008 photo from Cabarete, DR. I used the Jigsaw tool/toy at Big Huge Labs
My creation
burg.elaine 12 years ago
DSC01898 by burg.elaine

It doesn't matter where I am, as long as I am with the people who matter the most.
elenargy 12 years ago
Pilio  by elenargy

One of my favourite places in Greece is Pilio which combines both the mountain and the sea. This is where I want to be because gazing at the open horizon gives me the strength and vision to pursue my dreams and somehow magically problems do not exist.
carolann.quart 12 years ago
Where I Want To Be
bettyjaneneary 12 years ago
Where I want to be by bettyjaneneary
bettyjaneneary 12 years ago
I went to Paris many years ago and LOVED IT! The food, the people, the many sights and beautiful museums, oh well, I can wish can't I?
caddellc 12 years ago
Lake Effects by caddellc

Give me a lake - any lake! But I need to be there long enough
so I start to relax...
sdpankhurst 12 years ago
My creation
cutenekko 12 years ago

In the future, I would like to be busy...moving, grooving, doing my thing. Like James Brown. Yeeahhh...^_^
edtec2002 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by edtec2002 (member) 12 years ago

It's winter in the desert, and the days are sunny and cool. I'd like to be camping in the dunes instead of playing on my laptop :-)
mme henderson Posted 12 years ago. Edited by mme henderson (member) 12 years ago
I want to  be traveling by mme henderson

I would love to be back in Belgium and France where I spent nearly three weeks this summer. Being able to extended time in francophone countries was a wonderful experience and I brought back so much to use with my students
nicoleta gramada Posted 12 years ago. Edited by nicoleta gramada (member) 12 years ago
I would like to be in London,as I have never been there...
getting there is still one of my unfulfilled dreams...
burg.elaine 12 years ago
motivator6971843 by burg.elaine

I want to go all over and make connections.
Carol (vanhookc) 12 years ago
Wanna go back to Seattle

From my memory album, Snowqualmie Falls is like heaven on earth!
cllecr Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cllecr (member) 12 years ago
Where I Want To Be by cllecr

I also created a slideshow about where I want to be - professionally.
This reflection helped me visualize my own goals as an educator... teaching a new subject after 20 years in the science classroom. It is the same desire, within a different environment. Now I need to consider these web2.0 tools the environmental interface... the metaphor is beginning to connect.... for me..... now, for my students....

My slideshow is about my involvement in a research project in Yellowstone National Park for the past two summers. It is that authentic experience I want to capture now in my computer classroom. This workshop may be showing me how!

[View slideshow]
towerelephant ester 12 years ago
firenze by towerelephant ester

I'd like to be in Florence again, this was my place, this is my dream, this is my hope.
amor8 12 years ago
I'd be happy at any beach, but I would love to go back to Cartagena, Colombia.
tesuquer Posted 12 years ago. Edited by tesuquer (member) 12 years ago

I look forward to celebrating my daughter's 40th birthday together!
jomango274 12 years ago
[My creation]

As the 'to'do' list gets longer, sometimes walking away for a while is the best way to deal with it. It helps separate wood from trees. I want to be able to remember that.
justinehresman Posted 12 years ago. Edited by justinehresman (member) 12 years ago
Where I'd rather be

Here is my pic of where I want to be right now. It's a trail in the woods where the Berlin wall used to stand near Checkpoint Bravo (near the lake called Wannsee). I took this picture last summer and right now I'd love to be walking through here spying the odd wild boar and feeling the warm wind blow through my hair. Ahh....
aliceayel 12 years ago
Where I want to go back by aliceayel
Anciana 12 years ago
This is where I'd like to be and what I'd like to be doing!
My creation by Anciana
saffield 12 years ago
lloydcrew Posted 12 years ago. Edited by lloydcrew (member) 12 years ago
August 19 by lloydcrew

I want to be in the long days of sunlight.
bonnyasefue98 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by bonnyasefue98 (member) 12 years ago
i love nature so i want to be full of the sky and the sea so free
Tania Bortolotti 11 years ago
i would love to be observing the sunset while walking along the beach... what a marvellous experience!!!!

Beautiful pictures people!!!!
Lots of Love from Misiones-Argentina
yya2 11 years ago
Where I want to be by yya2

I wanna be in a place with open spaces, blue sky, and color contrasts. I wanna be where family is. I am lucky to be in this place now here in the States and have places like that in my country of origin: Venezuela. I wish both my family and husband's family would live in the same country.
vukasinbvasic 11 years ago
The Place I want to be by vukasinbvasic

Here is the place I wanna be. Looking for the soul mate yet ...
carlaarena 11 years ago
@Tania I agree with you that nothing is more soothing to our souls than a sunset walk at the beach. I would love to be there, too!

@Yya I totally understand your feeling of loving the things you have in the States, but still missing your home country...

@Vukasin A perfect place to be, even more so with the sunset...
Jocelyn Wright 11 years ago
Love by Jocelyn Wright

I want to be near the one I love.
marydw1 11 years ago
Where I'm headin' by marydw1

When I can, I like to get away to wide open spaces, snow and sun.
decisive floor [deleted] 11 years ago

There is nothing more important than family
and even if I'm far away, they are always in my mind and thoughts...
etutoria 11 years ago

Dream of seeing a lavender field in France. I like the smell so much.
Janet Bianchini 11 years ago
Where I want to be by Janet Bianchini
idevaldivia 11 years ago
mamitachayo by idevaldivia

I want to be with my mom!
SoaadHamed Posted 11 years ago. Edited by SoaadHamed (member) 11 years ago

I want to be in Aswan
heddesheimer 11 years ago

I wanna be into summer :)
roelli2010 11 years ago
This is where I'd like to be: out and about - not sitting behind a desk on a cold and rainy in January
Natasa Bozic Grojic 11 years ago
Where I Want to Be by Natasa Bozic Grojic

It is OK to wish for everything, isn't it? Well, I want to:
1. Sail new seas and explore
2. fly like a bird and be free
3. build and create
4. be with my guys
esolcourses 11 years ago
Lykia World, Turkey

I want to be chilling out somewhere warm, far
away from the nasty grey weather we're having
in the UK at the moment.
Zubenkotv 11 years ago
Crimea (Ukraine) by Zubenkotv

As usually in hot summer we want to be in winter and in cold frosty winter like we're having in Ukraine at the moment we want to lie in the sun and swim in the see.
bettyjaneneary Posted 11 years ago. Edited by bettyjaneneary (member) 11 years ago
where i want to be by bettyjaneneary

I want to be on the glorius beaches of Tulum, Mexico. My friend went last year and she loved the mariachi music, snorkeling, iguanas and beauty of Tulum, Mexico!
Msbea3 11 years ago
@everyone I love all your photo compositions! One would think that because two (or more) people use the same -or any ready-made toy, the result will be a commonplace. I think this thread shows how wrong that assumption is!

Here's my contribution:

Where I want to be by Msbea3
Sheellahh 11 years ago
Where I want to be - big hube labs by Sheellahh

Where roads take me,
among those who I can help,
at a place I can feel God and see His beautiful creation,
where I can expand my horizons, learn, collaborate, live...
alftimartmir 11 years ago
Melbourne is the place which I want to visit.
Sanja B 11 years ago
Class 7d, 2009/2010

I've been reading about different places other people want to be and making a list of my places for quite a long time: exotic beaches, my family, national parks, a few cities...
A quick look at my watch told me it's time to go to bed. In the morning I'll be with these young people and I think it's a nice place to be - it'll be fun.
Msbea3 11 years ago
And it seems they enjoy being there with you too.

I like being in my classroom with my students too :)
Marcia Martins 11 years ago
Where I want to be by Marcia Martins

I'd be very glad if I could be in Falmouth a fantastic Cornish town in Southeast England. Things there go smooth, quiet and in a relaxing way.
teresat2010 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by teresat2010 (member) 11 years ago
I want to be on North Stradbroke Island Queensland, Australia. A friend is having his 50th birthday party at a beach house here soon, but I'm going to miss it!
yasemin.gulbahar 11 years ago
MEXICO - Baja California Seaside by trimmer741

By now, I want to be walking on a seaside...
Kathleen Tillie 11 years ago
My creation by Kathleen Tillie
Tanzantine 11 years ago
Where I Wanna Be by Tanzantine
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