tao*ksu 11:02pm, 30 May 2006
1990, 2002-2006

Total: 6
current streak: 5
Let's Go Racin' 15 years ago
1995, 1998, 2006. But have only missed three Brickyard 400's and have attended six in a row.
mcclouds 15 years ago
1984, 1986-2006

Total: 22
Current Streak: 21

and... I'm *only* 31 years old.

penicuik_clerk - I am also originally from Sullivan County, IN.
ajfeltham 15 years ago
Indy 500: 2005, 2006 (Total: 2; Streak: 2)

United States Grand Prix: 2000, 2003-present (Total: 4; Streak: 3, soon to be 4)

I plan to post many, many pictures from the four days of the 2006 USGP after the event.
Boiler2006 Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Boiler2006 (member) 15 years ago
1969, 1978-2006. 29 years with 28 in a row. The IMS staff are great people. If you're a loyal customer, you can improve your seat choices. I've gone from the infield to Nirvana in Turn 1.
cmakin 15 years ago
Just 4 for me, from 2000-2003. I WILL be there this year, though.
mcclouds 14 years ago
Lets update this thread!

1984, 1986-2007

Total: 23

Current Streak: 22
tao*ksu 14 years ago
1990, 2002-2007

Total: 7
current streak: 6
indyjay42 14 years ago
Total: 34.

Current streak: 32 (1976-2007)

First 500: 1970; second, 1973 (first two days only but not the race when it was finally run.)

mscsco 14 years ago
And going to 2008
cmakin 13 years ago
And I will be back again this year.
mcclouds 13 years ago
Lets update this thread!

1984, 1986-2008

Total: 24

Current Streak: 23
tao*ksu 13 years ago
1990, 2002-2008

Total: 8
current streak: 7
cmakin 13 years ago
2000-2003, 2007 and 2008. Current streak, a whopping two.
lean step [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by lean step (member) 13 years ago
On and off for many years until the late 1990's and have attended every race since in generally the same seats. Had also completed the Trifecta every year attending the Indy 500, the U.S. Grand Prix and The Brickyard until the Grand Prix left. I did not attend this years Moto GP.
mcclouds 13 years ago
I have also attended all three races. Went to all three of them in one year - I think it was 2003. I know its only February but for some reason I'm already gearing up for this year. Can't wait!
mcclouds 12 years ago
Let's update!

1984, 1986-2009

Total: 25

Current Streak: 24
tao*ksu 12 years ago
1990, 2002-2009

Total: 9
current streak: 8
Boiler2006 12 years ago
1969, 1978-2009. We're at 33 now, with 32 in a row.
redindyracer 12 years ago
Hello Indy fans, I am new to this group, but not "The Speedway". I first went to time trials, in 1972 and again time trials in 1973. My first 500 was 1974, and I have not missed one since, - -36 years in a row. I also went for the first 10 Brickyard 400's. Living in North Carolina, if I want to see NASCAR, I dont have to travel 500 miles. There is nothing like being at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and it is difficult to explain ,what it is like being there, on race day , to someone that has never been there , you just got to be there to understand.
nwritchey 12 years ago
Indy 500: 1 - 2009, Tickets already ordered for 2010. Why didn't I start going years ago?
indiana duff 12 years ago
Indy 500:
Total 46
Streak 26
Missed 1983 got food poisoining the night before the race.

Brickyard 400:
Total 12
Quit going in 2006

US Grand Prix:
Total will update when I get home & check my tickets
tremendous scarf [deleted] 11 years ago
2008-2009 going this year already got airline tickets

current streak 2.5
motionless party [deleted] 11 years ago
On and off in different seats (bought thru friends) until the 1990's..Have sat in the same seats ever since. A guy who I go in their group now has been to every race since 1964 in the seats we now sit in.
tao*ksu 11 years ago
1990, 2002-2009

Total: 9
current streak: 0 :-(

Not going to make the race this year for the first time since '02. Got married last weekend. Wife asked me if I was -really- going to go on a "guy's weekend" trip during the first weekend of our marriage. She would let me go... but I think I made the right call. :-)

Plus, several of my buddies couldn't make it this year for various reasons. We are all looking forward to making it next year.

Everyone that will be there this year, have a great time!
mcclouds Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mcclouds (moderator) 11 years ago
"Guy's weekend"?? Sure.... ; )

1984, 1986-2010

Total: 26

Current Streak: 25

From a girl who has never given her husband a choice! LOL!
Novi58 11 years ago
Been to the 500 every year since 1980-2010 and have ordered my seats for 2011. My grandfather owned the Pure Oil filling station in the 1950's and sponsored the Novi's in the late 50's.
tao*ksu 10 years ago
1990, 2002-2009

Total: 9
current streak: 0

It doesn't look to be coming together for this year, making 2 misses in a row. :-(

Everyone...enjoy the race!
mcclouds 10 years ago

1984, 1986-2011

Total: 27

Current Streak: 26
kcanivet Posted 10 years ago. Edited by kcanivet (member) 10 years ago
Started with Dan Wheldon's first victory in 2005, missed 2006, but been to everyone since

Current Streak:5 (2007-2011)
tao*ksu 9 years ago
1990, 2002-2009

Total: 9
current streak: 0

After missing the last two in a row, looking forward to being there this year!
mcclouds 9 years ago
1984, 1986-2012

Total: 28

Current Streak: 27
tao*ksu 8 years ago
1990, 2002-2009, 2012-2013

Total: 11
Streak: 2
mcclouds 8 years ago
1984, 1986-2013

Total: 29

Current Streak: 28
fenderslash 7 years ago
Current streak = 1
But I am from Australia... it's kinda hard to have a streak :-)
I'm so glad I made the effort for the 100th Anniversary race though
tao*ksu 6 years ago
1990, 2002-2009, 2012-2015

Total: 13
Longest Streak: 8
Current Streak: 4
RockinRobert Posted 6 years ago. Edited by RockinRobert (member) 4 months ago
1971, 1973-1994, 1996-2004, 2006-2019
Total: 46
Longest Streak: 23
Current Streak: 10
tao*ksu 5 years ago
1990, 2002-2009, 2012-2016
Total: 14
Longest Streak: 8
Current Streak: 5

(Plus 2016 Grand Prix) :)
tao*ksu Posted 4 years ago. Edited by tao*ksu (admin) 4 years ago
1990, 2002-2009, 2012-2017
Total: 15
Longest Streak: 8
Current Streak: 6

Wow. I've attended more 500s since I started this message thread in 2006 than I had up to that time.
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