hilarious friction [deleted] 2:11am, 15 January 2011
Is it over?
Martyn Wright 11 years ago
Can't tell! Don't think anyone can at the minute!
Maybe some one ought to start infinite flickr 2 and start over!
Whata_Catch 10 years ago
umm, i got curious about this group and spent ten minutes looking for the purported posting rules. Where are they?
5telios 10 years ago
I think itis pretty much dead - anyone want to start a new one up?
My image has been on the front for about nine months now...
seanclaes 9 years ago
OK... just to see if this works...
I created a new group... to continue the photos. 5telios... I asked the person who posted below you on your photo to be the first photo (so it'll be continuous)...

Hope everyone is OK with moving to an active group... here's:

If anyone wants to be a moderator (if it gains traction) please let me know. I'll be happy to share. I just want this group to live on and it seems the moderators here have gone away.
MrDAT 9 years ago
What happens if this group picks up again and then we'll have two timelines and then the space time continum gets all gangked.
seanclaes 9 years ago
That's a chance I'm willing to take... (It's like Chaos Theory for Flickr)
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