:: バレン マオ VISUAL ARTIST :: 8:51am, 28 March 2010
konnichiwa minna san o genki desu ka.

My name is Mauricio Valenzuela and i am from Colombia (South America), i am Graphic Designer and audiovisual media producer,

i'm 28 years old and my work is focused in photography and audiovisul projects. I always been in love of Japan, their culture, the people, food, landscape, language...everything, really i love this country and i want to live there soon i hope.
I am trying to get an scholarship to study a post-grade in Fashion photography, or Photography direction for cinema; i will go to apply this April 2010 the MONBUKAGAKUSHO scholarship of the government.

I know that there are two different areas but there are the areas that interest me. If somebody of you live in japan and maybe could help me to know what university gives me the best option to study this, will be great your advice, because i faster must choose an university and read the full program to study and then i must write a project based on the program to apply in order to get the scholarship.
Is important to know, that must be a post grade program, for my age and scholarly level i cant get the scholarship for a bachelor program.

If somebody could help me with this, i will be grateful a lot. I will love to get the scholarship and live in Tokyo or Kyoto but really, i just want to get the scholarship I was waiting this chance for years and I know that I have so much to learn and i want to get the chance to learn in the best place with the better sensei.

If somebody like, could see a few about my work, i know that i have so much to learn but it is that i have this moment.

My flickr is :

A few about my animation and video work here:

I hope you could understand my bad english and a few of japanese, realy excuse me for bothering; i hope somebody could help me with your advice.

Thank you so much for your attention


Regards :Mauricio Valenzuela Tovar
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