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Jeep® 9:23pm, 29 June 2007
Just wondering what everyone drives to have fun while taking these wonderful pictures.
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penberth 15 years ago
2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Bought it new, and still love it.
rdspnglr Posted 15 years ago. Edited by rdspnglr (member) 14 years ago
2004 Wrangler Sahara. It is my daily driver and I just love cruising around the Florida Space Coast in it.
Sportsgal501 15 years ago
2006 TJ "X" trim purchased brand new last August-
Awesome in snow and ice chunks here in NYC
SpeedNut 15 years ago
1989 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer. Still alive and kicking!
hospitable cherry [deleted] 15 years ago
2006 Commander. I love it. Great for throwing the canoe on and skis in and hitting the dusty trail!
randyl59 15 years ago
2004 Wrangler X. 5th Jeep I've owned dating back to '78 when I had a CJ5.
heykoolaid3 15 years ago
2004 Rubicon
Ross 4107 15 years ago
02 wrangler sport. (send me a D44 please...)
Јerry 15 years ago
2003 Jeep Cherokee Laredo... great SUV!
jeepinjason 15 years ago
We've got a 1995 XJ Sport (mine), purchased new, and a 2001 TJ Sport (wife's), also purchased new. I actually met my wife wheelin'!! Whoo!
ravensbo 14 years ago
1983 CJ-7 "Only" is embroidered on the dashmat ......Only in a Jeep !
skillful acoustics [deleted] 14 years ago
'98 Cherokee Classic...lots of miles, but a great family car.
webcompanion 14 years ago
2007 JK Wrangler 4-door. Had it 6 months now and put on 15,000 miles, I love it! I have been customizing it any time I can (and have $$$ for it), it's been an absolute blast!
dariogiannelli™ 14 years ago
A Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2.7cdi. Simply the best!!!
tomkellyphoto 14 years ago
Our fifth Jeep is a 2002 TJ X with 4-inches of lift. This one's a keeper!
nikonrep 14 years ago
1992 yj. 15 years and drive it everyday
PT_Lewis 14 years ago
2004 Jeep Liberty Columbia Edition. Modified.
sunbee 14 years ago
Me = 2006 Wrangler Unlimited. Hubby = 2007 4-door JK Unlimited. 14 years ago
Jeep Willys 1964
radven Posted 14 years ago. Edited by radven (member) 14 years ago
We travel the country towing our home with a 2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel.

With (bio)diesel we tend to get 50% better fuel economy than our older v6 Liberty did - we love it!

- chris & cherie (
snyder.jessica 14 years ago
92 YJ, 3inch procomp lift
33 thornbirds
detroit nospin rear
ARB front end
rhino lined tub
marine grade stereo equip.
best top sunrider
a1mega Posted 14 years ago. Edited by a1mega (member) 14 years ago
I drive a 2007 Jeep Liberty Latitude (4x2). It is the first Jeep-SUV I've ever owed and love it. It is sooo much fun to drive.

I like the way it handles and the responsiveness. It has lots of power and torque. It does very well on the freeway. It turns 2000 RPM @ 70 MPH.

I like the feel of the unitized body. There are no squeaks or rattles.

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bridgetjeep 14 years ago
2000 Wrangler
airsierratj 14 years ago
2004 TJ
whfrat 14 years ago
1983 Jeep J10 Pickup 366,545 miles

The orginal lifetime waranty
JohnStreeter Posted 14 years ago. Edited by JohnStreeter (member) 14 years ago
2007 JEEP Unlimited Sahara, JEEP #3. (1988 YJ, 2003 TJ SPORT). I needed reliabiltiy and my Jeeps never let me down.
cj574304 14 years ago
Currently a 1974 CJ-5 with 304 v-8, and the wife has a 2004 WJ Limited.
powelligator 14 years ago
Myself, three Jeeps; 1983 CJ-7, 2000 Cherokee Limited and a 2006 Unlimited Rubicon. Girlfriend has an identical red 2006 Rubicon. My Sister has a 1983 CJ-7 and another identical (save for color) 2006 Rubicon. Parents drive a 1999 Cherokee Limited.

We're all way too hooked on this Jeep Lifestyle thing! :)
ZahnZahn 14 years ago
2001 XJ
shackwrrr 14 years ago
I have a 1979 jeep j20 3/4 ton truck made by AMC and it has the AMC 360
fulsizjeep 14 years ago
1988 Grand Wagoneer w/1976 401, 727/NP208, 5" lift, 33s, LockRight in the rear. Moab Ready!

The rest of the herd includes 76 401 Wagoneer, 77 401 Wagoneer, 77 401 J20, 88 Grand Wagoneer. =8-)
sk1_kalyan 14 years ago
1998 Grand Cherokee Special Edition. Pretty much stock. Planning a 3.5" lift this winter.
zoonslikezoey 14 years ago
Currently, we have a couple of Jeeps. One is a 2000 Wrangler with a 4 cylindar - 5 speed soft top. it has a few modifications to it.
The second is a 2001 Wrangler hard top with 2 inch lift - 32's - and a few other modifications.
Luckily, we live close to the Arizona Coast and we can wheel all the time.
wheelin 14 years ago
1958 Willys Jeep Truck and a 2002 Grand Cherokee Overland
Victor Solanoy 14 years ago
2004 Jeep Liberty Sport
ratzerman 14 years ago
1998 Cherokee Sport 4.0L 4WD. 2000 miles away from the big 100k.
clever jewel [deleted] 14 years ago
92 Wrangler yj
ImmortalityLTD 14 years ago
2007 Wrangler Unlimited X. Beats the heck out of my 95 YJ!
CarolinaJeepGirl 14 years ago
2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara (white) w/ 3" Rusty's suspension lift and 32x11.50x15 Maxxis Bighorn mud terrain tires and a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara (black) w/ 4" Black Mountain suspension lift and 33x12.50x15 Maxxis Bighorn mud terrain tires.
c1011970 14 years ago
I drive a 1970 jeep commando as my daily driver and a 1983 scrambler as my trail rig
cshontz 14 years ago
IMG 1632
Thatgirl1327 14 years ago
1998 Jeep Wranger sport, black, with a 4" suspension lift.
smthng 14 years ago
'06 Unlimitted Rubi... I couldn't wait for the '07s. ;)
Mach Tech 14 years ago
05 Wrangler, rocky mountain. I love it almost as much as I love my girlfriend. ;)
Dimi1966 14 years ago
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005 4.7L,
before that Liberty (Cherokee in Europe) 3.7 L 2001,
before that Cherokee 4.0L 1998

Loved all of them !!!
Mister∙B 14 years ago
1985 Jeep CJ7
My wife says that I will be buried in it... I don't think so, it would get all rusty.
fohnjargo 14 years ago
2006 Commander. I know I will never be stump jumping with it but I found a couple of places that I can just pull off the road and I am 4 wheeling with ease.
imlostnow98 14 years ago
07 Liberty Sport
shimniok 14 years ago
1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, lifted, locked, 33's, etc. :) 14 years ago
87 cherokee . and a 96 cherokee
kndgore 14 years ago
I drive a BETTER Then Rubicon 2006 Jeep Unlimited
6" Long Arm suspension lift by FabTech
15" Pro Comp rims
35" X 13.50 BFG Krawler tires
Custom bumper
Advanced Adapters slip yoke eliminator
And many others - more on the way (it never ends)!
medic3836 14 years ago
I'm rollin' a '00 Cherokee and luv to sling mud!!
adamftw 14 years ago
93 XJ.

3" lift, 31s, locked rear, armor, and other fanciness.
Circa41 14 years ago
A 2004 TJ, Rubicon and a 2007 4 Door Rubicon
long-term baseball [deleted] 14 years ago
A 04 Rubicon
difficult carriage [deleted] 14 years ago
Now in a 2007 Wrangler Unlimited 4-door (Sahara). Used to do all my Jeepin' in my 1996 Grand Cherokee, but the 4-doors finally made the long-desired Wrangler possible.
faint party [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by faint party (member) 14 years ago
I just bought a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport, and what a blast!!! ::))
Danica G 14 years ago
2007 Jeep Rubicon. My fiance has tested this Jeep to it's max!! The poor dealership must hate us cause when anything has broken from 4x4ing its covered under the warranty:)
Panos Kazanelis Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Panos Kazanelis (member) 14 years ago
`94 XJ 4.0 HO

Used to ride XJs 2500 and a TJ 2500
Jeep Mud Stories
ragged quicksand [deleted] 14 years ago
2006 Jeep Commander Limited
1996 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
1996 Jeep Wrangler
my84jeepcj7 14 years ago
Currently a 05 Wrangler is my daily driver but my project is my 84 CJ7 that was my first Jeep. She will be done in the spring with an engine swap from a 258 to a 360. She has 4in of lift on the suspension and 2 on the body and will be rolling 35's when all said and done.
bleumule 14 years ago
Rockin' the '06 Rubicon... my little Bleu Mule. Just couldn't wait for the '07's.
Brady Slack 14 years ago
1995 Grand Cherokee ZJ
5in lift kit
31in pro comp A/T
2 1/2 in flowmaster exhuast

soon to be chipped
varunpande 14 years ago
1995 Wrangler YJ, amazing looks. <img src="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">
JeepRenegade40 14 years ago
1991 Wrangler Renegade 4.0
My 91 Renegade 4.0 -02
Ty T Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Ty T (member) 14 years ago
2007 jeep jk unlimited kc edition.
Malcolm Designs 14 years ago
2008 Grand Cherokee Laredo - All Black with black interior.
My first Jeep® I LOVE IT!!
slworking2 14 years ago
2008 Jeep Liberty Sport. :-)
Calif_Princess 14 years ago
2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited RUBICON!!!!!!!! Red, red, red. :O)
christinemotsinger 14 years ago
2003 Rubicon Intense Blue!
My first- but not my last!!!
Zeski 14 years ago
2006 Jeep Commander Limited - 2" Terraflex lift and 255/70R17 Bridgestone Dueler AT REVO tires. And its not just a Mall Crawler.
GumbyHoss 14 years ago
'06 TJ "X", 32x11.5's, Khaki w/soft top and half doors I don’t need.

Love the Florida winter, I've had it for a month and the top and doors have been on it twice.

I've also had an 87 YJ, 4.2L I-6 w/ 2 separate keys for the door and the ignition, holes in the floor (not drainage plugs...holes)

And a 97 TJ with "daylight" - 4 Hella's across the top. Lost that one to a tree.
Bettie Page Styled 14 years ago

'07 Wrangler Unlimited X, plans to lift 4" and add a winch and snorkel.
csouers 14 years ago
1992 Red Cherokee Limited. All stock with new parts of interior and windshield. New tires and exhaust to come. Looking for recommendations for 2-3" lifts. Not gonna get new tires with the lift though. Too expensive.
mkellyxp 14 years ago
1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Got it for $2,000 with lotta miles on it. Got some clunks and rattles, but who cares. That 4.0L will still be running long after the world ends.
chevrolet8875 14 years ago
i got a 92 wrangler that i just got and want to start havin fun since all i have had is trucks, i also got a 02 ram 1500
bills hunting jeeps 14 years ago
I have 3, a '93 Jeep Cherokee, an '89 Comanche with 33's and an '88 Comanche with a crumbled unibody
prdamrcn 14 years ago
2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Lovin' it!
84jeeper 14 years ago
1984 CJ-7 Renegade and a 2007 Rubicon Unlimited
hogan.kimberly 14 years ago
It's all about Commanding Respect..........I have my 07 XK Commander and I love my Jeep!!
jjadayz 14 years ago
Two of them actually -- An 1997 Wrangler Sport for fun and a 2007 Jeep Compass limited for commuting.

My wrangler is PPG o-so-orange with black bed liner on the interior floor with 33's.

The Compass is marine blue with black and grey leather.
R 500 14 years ago
Cherokee/Liberty in US. 2.8 Ltd Auto Deisel. Bought new Dec 06, 14000 miles under its belt. Love this model, comfortable, practical, go anywhere ability. Thinking of putting roof tent on top for camping trips. Any comments from members appreciated.
emt5080 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by emt5080 (member) 14 years ago
03' Jeep Liberty Sport....LOVE IT!!! Since I have had it I cant seem to stay away from mud puddles.
nutritious place [deleted] 14 years ago
07' JK 4dr. Rubicon! Loving this machine, Got some major plans for it........ Keeping it real!
SandShoes 14 years ago
'08 JK 4dr Sahara in classic Rescue Green!

My New Take Apart Car
Da Furball 14 years ago
We had a Jeep Liberty, just traded it in for a Commander.
Jhonsgreendeere 14 years ago
'96 Cherokee with 3in lift with 31' BFGs.
jen00384 14 years ago
I'm actually on my third Jeep! The first was a '96 Grand Cherokee Limited which I wrapped around a tree during a very bad snow storm and somehow I walked away. This was the reason why I bought another '96 Grand Cherokee Limited (and I still have it) and the one I'm on now is a 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited.

Can't get enough of those Jeeps!!
chris2406 14 years ago
1995 Jeep Cherokee - Love it!
horribleharry69 14 years ago
86 Grand wagoneer (SJ) 360-V8, NP229, Tow Package(3.73's), D44/AMC23, aux. 25 gal. fuel tank, 2.5" lift, 31"BFG AT's, true dual Flowmaster exhaust w twin cats, factory brush guard, selec-trac.
N. Lindstrom Photo 14 years ago
61_365 - Just like in the old days

94 Sahara w/ extras
hurleylfd 14 years ago
Nice looking Jeep. Looks solid and well balanced on size and accessories.
jeepie81 14 years ago
00 WJ this week. perhaps the 98 TJ next week, or maybe the 94 XJ I can't decide. "It's definately a Jeep thing" in our fam.
NancyKrause2 14 years ago
2008 'X' Wrangler - 2 door - Rescue Green
Postal 4X4 14 years ago
2006 Right-hand drive TJ. Lifted on 35s and 4.88s. It's my daily driver and my first Jeep. I'm addicted to it and love it with the doors off and top down!
JJsKJ_HotRodOil 14 years ago
2003 Liberty on steroids. SAS, Loaded w/ goodies including Rubicon transfer case, XJ front axle w/ ARB, Rear D44 w/ ARB, Lots of fun!
~~eky girl~~ 14 years ago
2005 Jeep Wrangler X Patriot Blue with some FAT tires!! Hard top for winter, rag top for summer. I LOVE MY JEEP! Its the best thing in the world to be a Jeep owner!
spotless shirt [deleted] 14 years ago
Just bought my first Jeep last night -- 2008 Wrangler Unlimited X (in Jeep Green). No dirt, rocks or water (yet!), but driving home last night from the dealer with the front tops out was heaven. In two weeks, I'm leaving for three weeks of driving from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest, so I'm sure I'll have some photos to post then.
steelblueXK 14 years ago
I've got myself an XK Commander: 2007 Steel Blue 3.7L Sport QT1, and a 1992 Cherokee Laredo for delivering pizzas w/ 235,000 miles on it!

Have take the XK on some light trails, and done some mudding, but nothing to serious yet. LOVE THE JEEP!
jfk_john_kennedy 14 years ago
2006 Wrangler Rubicon almost completely done with modifications. 5.5 rubicon express long arm kit, warn powerplant winch and many more.
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