!KorreS! 6:29pm, 25 February 2013
Have You seen this:

I really hope that is only some kind of joke.
"This thing" looks like Pontiac Aztec, Fiat Multipla or Nissan Juke.

Who the hell designed something like this and call it "Jeep"...???
C&NW 3704 9 years ago
That's not a Jeep.... I am not sure just what it is, but it's not a JEEP.................
Duremar 9 years ago
I don't care much about other Jeeps since Wrangler stays the same.
robertpetit Posted 9 years ago. Edited by robertpetit (member) 9 years ago
Just another fine example of Chrysler prostituting out the fine Jeep brand name to fatten up their bottom line. Jeep and Ram trucks, that is what kept them going for so long. The Retro Muscle cars are cool though.
vollweilert 9 years ago
i thinks its kinda cool
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