Ballard Covers

Martin Isaac 9:25am, 20 June 2007
There's some great Ballard covers knocking about in the Flickr-verse:

-- from levar

-- from Fin Fahey
flawless reason [deleted] 14 years ago
stunning - the Ballard covers have always been pretty engaging, but I do think these older ones touch the smooth sheen of surrealism a bit more truly than some recent version.
Martin Isaac 14 years ago

-- from levar
sws_sellars 14 years ago
Martin Isaac 14 years ago
monkeyiron 14 years ago
The Atrocity Exhibition
Martin Isaac 13 years ago
Found this one t'other day (in good condition):

Er1kksen 13 years ago
Old painted-by-the-dozen scifi softcover cover art is always the best. :)

Though scome of the older Heinlein books always seem to feature nudity on the cover, makes you kind of careful about where you sit down to read...

I picked up a copy of the terminal beach a couple weeks ago, the cover is mostly just random detached shapes and patterns. Maybe I'll scan and post.
pan satiros Posted 13 years ago. Edited by pan satiros (member) 13 years ago
I am really loving the Harper Perennial pockets - I picked up Crash, High Rise, The Atrocity Exhibition, Concrete Island and Cocaine Nights in the series so far.
monkeyiron 12 years ago
The Terminal Beach

Rick McGrath 9 years ago
bumpy yak [deleted] 8 years ago
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