shaggy things [deleted] 7:43pm, 19 April 2009
material arch [deleted] 12 years ago
This is a dark day.
mark487 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by mark487 (member) 12 years ago
Farewell Shanghai Jim: Cartographer of the inner future.
JPaul23 12 years ago
I really hope he wrote some more short stories before he died. He was a master of the form. An Enormous Space haunts me.
One feels suddenly strangely alone.
Apparently I somehow expected - or at least unconsciously cherished the possibility - to bump into him in a supermarket, as in the song by Dan Melchior.
Crashing my cart into his, denting the side of the cage-like metal structure. Dishevelling his peas, maybe even breaking a carton of orange juice.
But now it all seems pointless to start a collision cult of the celebrity grocery shopper.
What sadness, the world will never be the same.
rhamdu 12 years ago
Ballard's unsettling message was that disaster is sexy.
Rev. Santino 12 years ago
what now?
JPaul23 12 years ago
"Ballard's unsettling message was that disaster is sexy."

Well stated.

What now? We carry on. And thanks for the link JPaul23.
robinparmar 12 years ago
Just joined so will post my tribute some time on: J.G. Ballard Is Dead
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