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tim2ubh 10:58am, 5 August 2009
Complete (by tim2ubh)
A reminder that WW Norton is publishing 'The Complete Stories of JG Ballard' next month. This new US edition is actually rather more complete than the 'Complete Short Stories' published in the UK in 2001, as it includes two extra pieces - 'The Dying Fall' and 'The Secret Autobiography of JGB'.
I suspect there'll be a fair amount of press coverage for this, which could be interesting - there's a lingering feeling that the US never really *got* Ballard, despite all the tributes earlier this year. Here's my blog review, anyway.
robinparmar 12 years ago
Still not "complete" of course, if one categorizes the graphical pieces as stories. But nice to see. An essential purchase for anyone not already well equipped with Ballard.
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