zen 2:31pm, 13 June 2007
I think that language-based censorship or even country-based censorship is completely out of place at Flickr, but unfortunately i do not speak German and would like to help with the protests and community in some way (if nothing else but a show of solidarity if that's all it can be).

What protests are being discussed and how might i/we help?

Thanks, and sorry for being so monolingual. :)
dbuk2 14 years ago
Good luck !!!
Flickr will NOT do anything to lift the restrictions so why bother?

Unfortunately they run it the way THEY see fit .
Not you or I !!!
dramatic finger [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by dramatic finger (member) 14 years ago
If Yahoo dosen't look to smart in Germany they change.... They don't forget their shareholder value!

And at least from the pros here they got money - and as many said if they stick to it not for a second period!
dramatic finger [deleted] 14 years ago
Ok one thing we found very amusing is that offical team members have photos from burning man in their portfolio.

The protest has to be better organised - more informations soon!
asma2 14 years ago
Write to flickr contact - this is downright censorship!

Dear Flickreenos, Could I please trouble you to give me a plausible explanation for the fact that German users have been subjected to censorship as of yesterday by no longer being able to use the safety functions, i.e. decide on their own what they would like to see on this otherwise admirable site. This is, as you may or may not have realized, creating quite a commotion among German Flickr users. In this context I would like to emphazise that Germany is not a Third World country (remember China?), nor is it a puritan one. In case I uploaded photos of bloody wrecks I could always justify it with my documentary zeal. If I upload a beautiful ass (excuse my language, folks) - what excuse would I have other than that a beautiful ass is a beautiful ass is a beautiful ass. Being German, Korean, Singaporian or from Hong Kong is just bad luck then. How will we ever find out about the beauty of asses if our parental guides from Yahoo see us unfit to handle this beauty?
It's the same moral double standard that made Yahoo unlist a free site like (whatever one may think of it) on the German search but leave millions of other, commercial porn sites untouched.
I think flickr is a wonderful thing but I'm not going to use it anymore if this kind of absurdity continues.
Handtwerk 14 years ago
One thing everybody could do is to set *every* image to a safeness level of "moderate" or "restricted" which would take the whole system ad absurdum.
Aeris-Hime 14 years ago
I dont know. Like I said before, the safesearch filter isn't bad per se, it is just poorly executed. a) for users under 18 it should be force-enabled. That is totally fine by me. b) Users over 18 should be allowed to choose. Simple.
I would, by the way, go as far as saying that it violates various articles of the basic rights - artt. 2, 3, 5 in the constitution for example. Arguing with their terms of service doesnt help, because they claim they had to do this due to national circumstances, however, when Terms of Service violate basic rights the violating parts of the ToS are simply invalid, since they are forced upon people.
Oh, and apparently they dont care about the drop of the value of their shares... they think they are right. And since probably most of their shareholders are not affected, why should they care?

We could put some money together and buy all their shares and pwn the company :D
tschnitzlein 14 years ago
Hm - what if everyone faves as many protest pictures as possible? I want to see an Explore page full of "This photo is currently unavailable"! That would drive the message home for sure.

Go to my faves - I have a large collection of these pictures.
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