darrenlonghorn 11:14pm, 16 December 2007
Went for a poke around to see what remained of this short section of track. Took a few photos, which can be seen here: - Laisterdyke to Bowling Junction/
Would have posted to the group, but seem to be having some problems with my account.

The pics start off with some shots of Bradford Interchange, and then what appears to be a short spur into a yard. It seems to branch off to the right as you leave Bradford Interchange (behind where the signal box is now located) and oddly appears to be at a different height to any track it might have joined too. Can't find this on any maps and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it?

There's also a couple of pics of the bridge over the line that headed off to Queensbury. Tried to trace that section of line in either direction, but found nothing.
Simon-E 13 years ago
This would be Springmill St coal yard, it closed in the early 80's (about 83), I used to live near here, my parents ran the Station Hotel on Manchester Road a bit further up. With me living in pub called the Station Hotel, I was curious to the history of it. It did indeed used to take customers who would depart from trains at Manchester Road Station. Most of this land was disused when I lived there and I used to walk along the disused lines many times. Unfortunatley I didn't take any photos at the time (was only about 11 ) . I'll pursuade me mum to dig out all the photos and see if there is anything worth uploading.
darrenlonghorn 13 years ago
That would be great, thanks.
tunnelrat 13 years ago
Hello bigedgey - any luck with those photos - I am keen to see any taken on or around the Queensbury Lines. Thanks!
phill.d Posted 9 years ago. Edited by phill.d (admin) 9 years ago
This photo and map might interest you guys!


Bradford Hammerton Streets tripper in Bradford Springmill Street.

darrenlonghorn 8 years ago

Thanks that's really cool map!
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