phill.d 7:50pm, 4 March 2017
Please moderate the amount of similar photos, locations, or events. I've just had 18 photos submitted for the KWVR event. Saturating the group with repetitive photos just kills groups off. Despite regular reminders about this, it seems to be an ongoing problem.

**Stourton and photos from the Pepper Road bridge are constantly being submitted in large batches all at once. Shortly I may just get bored of reminders and reject all of them**
phill.d Posted 4 years ago. Edited by phill.d (admin) 4 years ago
Please try to limit the amount of photos from the same location. It really is starting to become overkill with the same regular locations being submitted in large batches. It seems certain areas go through phrases, at the moment it seems to be Stourton and mainly the Freightliner depot. The majority of the photos are taken from the same over bridge, and it isn't long until it seems like the same photo is being uploaded time again. There is no variety with these kind of repetitive bulk submissions after a while.
phill.d Posted 3 years ago. Edited by phill.d (admin) 2 years ago
For the time being I'm going to start rejecting all photos taken at Stourton. Oakenshaw is also another location that's being submitted in large batches and could very soon be added to the list of unapproved photos.

I should imagine the person who constantly submits these large batches of said photos, won't read the group discussions, no doubt they don't even look in the group. It's sad that a small minority choose to use groups as photo dumps.
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