DerekShumate 9:48pm, 14 March 2007


Saturday, March 24th 12 noon – 8 pm

300 Westheimer

FORMICIDE: Westheimer Block Party presents the work of at least two dozen artists from Houston’s growing creative culture who are working towards an unsure tomorrow with an uninspiring present; instead of setting up like the Bayou City Rat Festival with tents and signs we invite you to take the time to stroll on a Saturday in March through a neighborhood of Live Oak and Hibiscus and find the art for yourself. Including voices that echo the cosmopolitan and internationalist atmosphere of Houston look for installations by Paula Anne Socco Anicete, B~Kay, Joey Bender, Sean Carroll, Rene Cruz, Matt Dupont, Maria Guzman, Cody Ledvina, Amye McCarther, Brian Moss, JoAnn Park, Derek Shumate, Matthew Sullivan, Keijiro Suzuki, David Ubias, FAILURE, YAR, Zeitgeist Collective, and “Anonymous”. Also featured are the paintings of Adrian Landon Brooks, Matt Messinger, and Timothy Tuxedo along with a reinterpretation of the oldest form of art- adornment- by ABC Bodyart.

From the soft sculptures and knit monsters of Maria Guzman to the scrap metal sculpture of Joey Bender there is no lack of different perspectives in Houston, simply a dearth of understanding for these objects. Adrian Landon Brooks, Matt Messinger, and Timothy Tuxedo continue the incessant repetition of postmodern painting with characters and motifs set mainly in world creation and internal relationships. Conceptual works by Keijiro Suzuki, “Anonymous” and Matt Dupont search our language and environment for direct connection with the viewer that will flow into the festival atmosphere of the Westheimer Block Party and bleed into the Montrose neighborhood with its reputation for quirky individualism. Street art has taken a page from the high art world with a contemporary explosion of mediums and metaphors, represented at the Block Party by B~Kay, Derek Shumate, FAILURE, YAR, and the Zeitgeist Collective. Look for installation work by up and coming artists Paula Anne Socco Anicete, Rene Cruz, Amye McCarther, Brian Moss, JoAnn Park, Matthew Sullivan and David Ubias at the corner of Taft and Westheimer as well!

Artistic interpretation of environment has been stifled on white walls, and we intend to bring our work out into the open air without being monumental about it. Maps of the neighborhood and its contents are available at 300 Westheimer this Saturday March 24th from 12 noon until 8 pm.
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