Carl Campbell 10:57pm, 19 August 2010
Two police officers stopped me today while I was taking photos in Roma Norte. One got out of the patrol car, grabbed my arm and asked for identification. I was told that it is illegal to take photographs of anything ANYWHERE in Mexico City and that if I want to continue, I have to apply for a permit. This sounds absurd, especially in a city that wants to attract foreign visitors. Is this just another example of Mexican police living up to their reputation?
marhxiano 11 years ago
You guessed right...
Daniel Bernal Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Daniel Bernal (member) 10 years ago
Just Ignore them, In Mexico you´re free to take photos in any place and are always welcome :)
el_katana 10 years ago
Fuck police. Mexican policemen are after money, just play your cards well and fuck’em.
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