Raymond Yee 7:37pm, 30 January 2008
The exercise is to select three photos from this pool (one may belong to yourself) and add at least two tags to each photo. Your goal is to add tags that would help others find the photos and learn about the photos. (You can try out multiword tags). Once you have done with tagging, write a post in this thread to link to the photos that you have tagged, indicating what tags you used to tag the photos. Reflect on why you selected those tags and any problems that you ran into while selecting these tags. Email yee AT once with the link to your contribution after making your post.
thetable 13 years ago Tags used: aerial, sf, baybridge Tags used: cute, water, animals Tags used: pumpkins, carving, info, xml

I typically used some tags that describe the concrete objects in the pictures, and some that are more meta, for example describing the photo type ("aerial") or attributes ("cute") or even more removed things like "xml" and "info" that might be more for insiders.
meghalim.sarma 13 years ago
I have tagged the following photos:

Photo 1:

Tag used: "Sather Tower","Clock Tower"
I have used the tag "Sather tower" as this is another name for campanile. The tag "Clock Tower" is used because of the fact that this tower has a clock.

Photo 2:
Tags added: Yiming, ischool

I used the tag "Yiming" as it is his name. Tag "ischool" is used as he is a ischool student.
Photo 3:

Tags used: Freedom, Democracy and "Gift of Friendship"

Statue of liberty was a gift from the people of France to the people of USA as a token of friendship. This national monument serves as a symbol of freedom as well as democracy. Here the tags "Freedom", "Democracy" and "Gift of Friendship" are used.

Issues faced:
When i tried with multiword tag by separating the words by space, flickr treated them as different tags. Then i realized that there is a small hint given which says that we are supposed to used double quotes for multiword tags.
sshein 13 years ago
I tagged three photos:
this one with "pumpkin" and "halloween"
this one with "ferris-wheel" and "sunset"
and this one with "cherry" and "red"

The first photo was of a pumpkin, but only had an "ISchool" tag. This seemed like it would restrict the viewers of the photo, since the only people who would know to look for that tag would be ischool folks. So I added "pumpkin" and "halloween" so that people searching for more general topics like these would be able to find it.

The second photo I noticed had tags for "ferris" and "wheel" separately. This was probably done as a mistake, the poster had probably written "ferris wheel" as a tag, and Flickr had split it into two different tags. I imagine that this problem happens quite a bit. Although I can't edit these mistaken tags, I CAN add a completely new tag labelled "ferris-wheel," so I went ahead and did that. That's the beauty of tagging, you can always just add another tag if you don't like how something is categorized. I also added "sunset" to this photo, since I saw that it's one of Flickr's most popular tags, and one that people will probably search by.

The third photo looked like a picture of a cherry to me, but it didn't have "cherry" as one of its tags. I decided to add that tag. I also know people that search Flickr for colors, when they are looking for photos in a particular color scheme, so I added "red" to this photo.
k7lim 13 years ago

I tagged this with its basic, obvious tags: flower, berkeley. I did this because someone has to put down the obvious ones, it will be findable by the most people this way. I tagged it alien because I think someone who's looking for images that seem "out of this world" would appreciate finding this.

I tagged this with the time that's reflected on the clock tower, because I think that's a cool fact to extract from the image to the metadata. just in case someone's looking for a depiction of that time exactly. I also tagged this with "tall" because this picture typifies that adjective, and if someone wanted to find "tall" things, this would be great. I also tagged this "mt-tam" because that's a common abbrevation of Mount Tamalpais that people might search for. Some people might not know the full name of Tamalpais
I tagged this "invisible" because hannes disappeared. I tagged this "splash" because there's a "splash" of snow. I tagged this "explosion" because you can see this big blast of snow that covers hannes. I was thinking about people who might want to illustrate these terms, and this would be a perfect photo for that.
aylin 13 years ago
I tagged -
with "coite tower" and "telegraph hill"

I tagged -
with "statue of liberty" and "sunset"

I tagged -
with "sledding" and "hannes"

Since the goal was to optimize retrieval of these photos by other people, I used the names of physical places since that's what these pictures were mainly about (to me, as an outsider who didn't take the photo). The tags were all objective and not subjective like "pretty." Someone actually deleted my tag of "coite tower" and replaced it with "coit tower" since I had spelled it incorrectly.
yimingliu 13 years ago
tags: fog, trees, mountain
tags: iSchool, laptops
tags: bay, bridge, ship, buildings, island

In general, I focused on surface-level features and objects. For one, this enables retrieval based on spotty memories (i.e. "I remember that photo had a lot of laptops in it"), and retrieval for general, non-personal purposes (i.e. "I need a photo of an island in a bay"). A second possible use case is enable simple machine-learning agents to use a particular photo as a training or testing set. A training set photo would obviously require additional markup to map tagged objects to specific regions of the photo. As a member of a test set, this photo is already guaranteed to have a particular feature, which can be then matched against the agent's identification.
thoughtful box [deleted] 13 years ago
First I added a 'coit tower' tag to my photo because i realized i had misspelled it 'coite tower'.

Then I tagged kevin's photo 'meta' because the clever devil posted a photo for a flickr tagging assignment of people doing the flickr tagging assignment.

Then I tagged bindya's photo of the statue of liberty 'new york', because it previously only had a 'ny' tag, which would not show up in a 'new york' tag search.

I also tagged a couple other photos, but i forget what they were. you get the idea.
breity 13 years ago
i tagged the Haleakala Crater at Maui - Hawaii picture with "Hawaii" and "crater". i thought some location information would be useful, seeing as there was location info in the title, but not the tags. i also thought a descriptive tag would be helpful for people looking for pictures of craters in general.

i added the "portrait" tag to Yiming's "dark" photo. again, a descriptive tag, but this time describing the type of photo more than the specific content.

i added the tags "oakland" and "east-bay" to the San Francisco from Above photo. i figured san-francisco was already added as a tag, so we shouldn't discriminate against the other city across the bay and thought an east-bay tag might be useful for more general location info.
first rake [deleted] 13 years ago
> Campanile and Mt. Tamalpias -

I added "seascape" and "view" for this picture in order to help photographers or people looking for just 'pretty pictures' to find it. While the current tags (fog, trees, etc) are accurate descriptions for the scene, they do not accurately portray the mood or feeling of the shot. I feel this picture has great mood and composition and hopefully the tags will draw attention to that. One difficulty, however, was choosing appropriate 'high level' descriptors that would accurately explain the photo... seascape, ocean, landscape all came to mind but I settled for seascape.

> statue of liberty -

I added "silhouette" and "dusk" for this picture. It's a great shot of the statute, but again, I felt the existing tags didn't draw attention for photographers/enthusiasts seeking a particular mood. It's very subjective however since the mood this photo could inspire will be different depending on the viewer. However, silhouette and dusk seem general enough to be appropriate.

> ferris wheel @ sonoma fair -

This was my photo and I had originally mistagged it as "ferris" and "wheel" separately, in addition to ferris-wheel, fair, sunset, silhouette, and dusk. I deleted those tags and added "ferris wheel", however flickr would not let me since "ferris-wheel" already exists. Strange behavior.
bindiya7 13 years ago
I tagged the following 3 photos:

tags used : students,classroom

I used generic tags so that if people outside of the ischool were searching for a picture of a classroom they would easily find this

tags used : nature, clouds and mountains, tallest mountain

the tallest mountain should be tagged as the " tallest mountain" for people to be able to find it ! :)

tags used : food,colorful

this picture was vibrant and comprised of food - hence the tags!
nwrabinowitz 13 years ago
Tags: winter, snow, sled, fun

These were basically meant to round out the description of the photo - I usually figure this kind of tag is best for making the photo more available to multi-word searches, such as "sledding hill".
Tags: "treasure island", "port of oakland"

Here I was trying to identify specific elements of the photo, so that someone searching with a specific intent (e.g. trying to find an aerial view of Treasure Island) could find it.

Issues that came up during tagging:

- It's never been clear to me whether Flickr recognizes a substantive difference between tags with different punctuation and case. I'm fairly clear that they all default to lowercase, white-space-removed tags, but I'm never sure what's the most appropriate way to input them. Here I defaulted to lowercase, but I used spaces for better legibility.

- The hardest part was actually coming up with additional tags for photos that actually added value - there's a certain point of diminishing returns for the number of tags you can usefully apply to a photo, especially because all the tags are at the same level of importance.

- I was hoping to geocode some of the photos, using the Flickr geocoding tool, but I'm apparently not allowed to use the geocoding tool on other people's photos.
SheGotMoxie 13 years ago
I tagged with "HI" "volcano" and "caldera"

I tagged with "Alejandro Escovedo" and "J.D. Salinger"

I tagged with "Jonathon" "Aylin" "Nick" "Yiming" "Xtina" and "Raymond"

I generally used tags that identified contents of the pictures. I especially like to tag photos that contain images of folks I know, so that when I look for a picture of, say, Yiming, within my contacts' photos, I can find it easily.
mlbjim 13 years ago
tags: Wang, Ichiro, baseball
This is a straightforward one that I want to tag it with the kind of sport and the participating players.
tags: fun, naughtypumpkin
This is a fun picture and people will like to see it when searching by "fun." The problem is that it cannot specify what the photo is.
I used multi word "naughtypumpkin" to describe the type of pumpkin. This may narrow down the type of pumpkins.
tags: pumpkingroup, pumpkinteam
I see a group of pumpkins and think these multi-word tags may help users to find this photo with a group of pumpkins.
mikaly001 13 years ago
I tagged:
With: darkness, shadows
With: "ellis island", torch
With: orange, carving

I used tags to describe things about the photo that stood out to me. Using these tags would be useful for me in the future since I would likely use the features that stood out to me (i.e. remember about the photo) to find it later.
R~u~c~h~i 13 years ago
I tagged this picture with 'lake_tahoe' and 'sunset' - denoting the location and the time of day. I added the generic 'lake' to make this picture findable by people looking for any kind of lake.
I used 'hudson_river' for this one. The obvious ones are already present. hudson_river adds an interesting piece of information to it.
Tagged with 'game', again denoting the generic class that this specific instance (baseball) belongs to.
h-a-z-e-l 13 years ago
I added:
"california" so people who may not know where berkeley is could have some hint as to the location of the specimen.
"multicolor" to better describe the colors of the flower...I could have added each individual color or spelled it multicolour but I decided to use this tag as I had seen it used before.

I added:
"sand" is half the picture but not I thought I would tag it as such
"blue" often people search for photos by color...and this photo is definitely blue

I added:
"sports" because that is a larger category that I would put baseball photos under. I used the plural form because I feel it is more often used.
"baseballdiamond" because that is a common term often used in baseball lingo
johnny_b_ward Posted 13 years ago. Edited by johnny_b_ward (member) 13 years ago

added tags: baseball, pitcher, batter, catcher, umpire

I added "baseball", "pitcher", "batter", "catcher", and "umpire" because I thought it might be useful for those looking images of people playing baseball.

added tags: Berkeley, jackolantern

I chose "Berkeley" because someone might be interested in the location of the photograph. Also, someone else already added the "ischool" tag, and since there's more than one ischool, I thought adding the "Berkeley" tag would make the "ischool" tag more meaningful.

I added chose "jackolantern" because someone searching for one might want to see this photograph.

added tags: lake, paddling

I thought "lake" might be helpful for those looking for a lake picture. Those looking for padding ducks might benefit from the "paddling" tag.

added tags: Maui, "national park"

I added "Maui" because Haleakala is located on the island of Maui. People looking for pictures of Maui will have will have an easier time finding this photo if it's tagged "Maui."

I added "national park" because the photograph was taken in Haleakala National Park. Someone searching for Haleakala National Park might have an easier time finding this photograph.
ar9r9 13 years ago
added tags: palace, india, tourist_attraction, red

I added generic tags "palace" and "red" cause palace is what it is and it is red in color, "india" because the palace is in india, and tourist_attraction because "Palace of the Wind" is one of the major attraction of the city Jaipur in India.
added tags: chips, popped

I added "chips" as a generic term, added "popped" cause thats the term the makers use to differentiate themselves from others. They say their chips are neither fried nor baked - its popped.
added tags: Tahoe, beach

Added "Tahoe" and "beach" as the generic term that might be used for searching
coolegg1983 13 years ago
I have tagged the following photos:

Photo 1:
Tag added: angry, ischool
I tagged it “angry” because it is the theme of the pumpkin. I also tagged it “ischool” since it is an ischool event.

Photo 2:
Tags added: airplane, “bird view”
I tagged it “airplane” since the picture has been taken from an airplane. I also tagged it “bird view” because the picture is a bird view of SF

Photo 3:
Tags used: yahoo, funny
I tagged it “yahoo”, since the picture was taken at yahoo. “Funny”? Because it is a funny photo.

Issues faced:
It is very hard to tag stuff after a lot of people already went through them. I also run into the double-word tag problem—forgot to put it “”. In general tagging sometime could be hard with the goal of reaching the most people in mind…our understanding of a picture can be biased.
sardonicbryan 13 years ago
Photo 1:
Tags: airport, funny
I tagged airport because that's the context of the photo and funny because that was my reaction to it.

Photo 2:
Tags: wangchienming, baseball
I tagged baseball because that's generally what the picture's context is. I also tagged "wangchiengming" because I think he is the subject of this photo and what makes it compelling -- that there is an Asian pitching to another Asian in MLB.

Photo 3: "Lake Tahoe" pretty
Pretty was the first thing to come to mind and I think describes what makes the picture compelling. I thought Lake Tahoe would be useful because people looking for Lake Tahoe would want to see this picture.

Issues faced:
I didn't realize you could make multiple word tags until the third picture -- the previous pictures only had one word tags and there was nothing in the interface that cued me to that possibility. In general, I would make one tag that described the main context of the picture and one tag that described why ti was compelling.
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