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Group Description

Hello and welcome to the Flickr Monthly Scavenger Hunt group.
Every month we post list of 10 items to the group for you to find & photograph.
The aim of this photo-challenge is to try & complete the list, share your photos with the group and have fun!

With MSH you can either take a new photograph to match the items or use an old photo that you think matched the items on this month's list. You'll notice on the list that there are individual tags next to each item, along with one overall tag for each month - so make sure to add both the tags to your photos before posting to the group, as this helps all MSH members to see what you're posting this month :)

If you have completed a MSH list you can be awarded this month's seal of approval! After taking & adding all your photos to the group, simply create mosaic (an image of all the photos you have used as a small tiled mosaic), add it to the group and then post it in this month's completed thread on the discussion board, and the seal of approval will be awarded to your mosaic the following month.

Group Rules

MSH is a friendly group and it welcomes new members, though we do have a few house rules we'd like you to agree to before joining:

* All photos you add to the group must be taken by you
* Each list runs for the current month - so make sure to post your photos before the end of this month.
* All your photos must have both the individual item tag along with the month's tag before you add them to the group - these tags are shown beside this month’s list and they begin with the letters “msh” (e.g #msh0112 is a month tag and #msh0112-1 is an item tag).
* You can add one photo per item on the list, however you can combine multiple list items into a single photo. For example if you had MSH list items 1. yellow and 2. flower, you could combine them with a single photo of a yellow flower.
* You can post up to 11 items a month to the group, this allows for 10 list item photos and 1 of your completed mosaic.
* MSH is a challenge based Flickr group, so only post photos related to items on this month’s list. The admin are volunteers & take time out to run the group without assistance from Flickr, and keeping the group tidy can become time-consuming. So admin will contact you if you mis-post a photo to say its been removed, as we understand it might happen by accident and to check if you're having problems. However repeated off topic photos, or mis-posting of photos will result in a ban from the group, so please be careful when adding your photos to groups.
* Do not add photos/post threads advertising your services/products for sale or generally spam the group it will result in an immediate ban from the group. (Side-Note to all Flickr MSH members: please be aware that Flickr discourages selling through this website, so be suspicious of any sales posts you see, and please do not click on their links - instead contact Flickr is you think its weird/spam).
* Finally, please be polite to other Flickr members and bear in mind that Flickr MSH is a family friendly group, this means no swearing and that the photos you add to this group must be viewed as Kid Friendly and Safe For Work.

>> If you need any help or information relating to Flickr Monthly Scavenger hunt check out the FAQ or contact the MSH Admin: Vicki Walker

>> For technical & website support on Flickr then check out the Flickr Help Forum.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 26 things to the pool each month.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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