Noticing Me :)

Nicollette_Mollet 9:21pm, 9 October 2011
Basically, this post is simply about the fact that I so desperately want to get my work out there. I'm young, but I feel that it's time I start trying to network, however, my flickr is still under construction, I have thousands of photographs I still want to upload :)

Currently attending the Art Institute of Dallas, I am only a local freelance photographer.
As much as I enjoy helping others by capturing their memories as seniors, new mothers, families, and so forth, I am slowly yet eagerly anticipating my career as a fashion photographer.

I want to travel.
Travel to New York, Europe, and throughout the world, creating art and history.

As for now, I'm just a starving college kid in a big 'ol city.

So come and check my stuff out and let me know whatcha think!

White As Snow, September 2011
The Matasatu 9 years ago
wow this is awesome!
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