Slick_Bricks 3:24am, 11 September 2012
I have a group of MOCs I am bringing that is all one faction and I am looking to see if anyone wants to coordinate a battle scene to liven up the often static display of robots/mechs. Currently I am working on some diorama elements to set the stage. PM me if you are interested in discussing this idea in detail. Thoughts?
Slice151 9 years ago
Oh snap. I was bouts to be all Negative Nancy Pelosi on this but then I checked out your stuff and was pleasantly surprised. I'm pressed for time but I might be able to help you with an opposing force. It's gonna be about luggage space though.
Metal Core Collectibles Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Metal Core Collectibles (member) 9 years ago
Well I'm thinking about setting up all my MFZ on their Game board, closest I have to a Faction is 1 APC, 2 combat hardsuits, 1 Engineering Hardsuit and a 4 Legged Mech, pretty much all of which are smaller than your stuff. xD

Slick_Bricks 9 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, guys. Even if your forces are smaller, it's no big deal. I see my army as the big, bad evil corporation type anyhow so the more opposition the better... especially if they are non-grey color based. Viva la Resistance!
Slice151 9 years ago
Oh my, please go easy on my lads. They have families they want to return home to.
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