Who built this?

bruce n h 1:34pm, 10 October 2012

I've been enjoying all of the pics from this year's BrickCon. Could someone let me know who built this? And can you point me to their Flickr/Brickshelf/MOCpage if they've posted this MOC in their own gallery?

Si-MOCs 9 years ago
I believe the back? half was the original build by someone, who's name escapes me at the moment, front part was built/expanded by Mariann -

Though I'm not sure if she's posted it on her stream though.
Aw man I never saw the front half! Love the itty-bitty mecha :D

anupehr 9 years ago
I think a lot of that was built by Steve Oaks. Though I may be mistaken.
Ochre Jelly 9 years ago
Steve Oakes and Mariann Asanuma.
susanbrandstudio 9 years ago
Steve Oakes and collaborators.
Major Stackings 8 years ago
People from 5 different states added to this MOC. We will be doing an expanded white table topped version at BricCon 2013.
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