bruce n h 9:18pm, 7 October 2013

For those of use who couldn't be there, could someone say what MOCs won prizes at BrickCon? Also, is Hillel's talk posted anywhere? Looks like you guys had a great time from all the pictures.

Lego Junkie. 8 years ago
Well, I can really only rattle off the couple that I know of.
But I'll try o get at least a few that aren't mine.

HUB-14 took home Best Planetary Structure. []

Nick T (TardisBlue) went home with the awards for best small, and medium spaceship.

BrickThing went home with three different awards, one from the BoC table, one from the Bionicle table, and one from the superhero table.[]

I myself took home two trophies, one for Third Place Mecha.
Operation Sidewinder at BrickCon 2013 by Lego Junkie.

and one for Most Oinkredibull build at the BoC table.
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Battle Results
Best Battle Damage
Highway to Hell, by :
Highway to Hell by SEdmison

Best Battlefield
Operation: Brickarossa, by , , , , and :
Operation:  Brickarossa by SEdmison

Best Fantasy Battle
Fall of Kingdom Many-Arrows, by :
The Fall of Kingdom Many-Arrows by SEdmison

Best Historical Battle
Brickinawa, by , , . and :
Brickinawa by SEdmison

Best Single Combat
Surviving the Apocalypse, by :
DSC_4598 by SEdmison
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