BattleGorilla 1:29am, 10 October 2013
...and for those of us who had to leave the con early and missed closing ceremonies, can anyone tell me what the theme for next year's BrickCon is going to be?
graybandit2000 8 years ago
"To be announced"

Check here and the Facebook page in the coming month or two?
Si-MOCs 8 years ago

or is it literally the them is "To be announced" ;)


Throwing out random ideas - I like "opposites"
where everyone builds outside their theme for the year. That'll be some crazy fun.

Or baring that, it'd be fun to have some theme 'champions' enter the ring and build something randomly off theme a few weeks before the con. So you could see a Spacer build castle. Castle build moasic, Art do space etc. and see if the ringers can kick the regular theme builder's butt XD
VKTechnic 8 years ago

Wouldn't really work for us Technic builders ;) Unless we swapped with the GBC guys
AK_Brickster 8 years ago
I don't really like the idea, mainly because there isn't any way for the public to be involved. I mean, they really aren't going to know that I usually build castles and decided to build a spaceship this year instead. They are just going to see a spaceship :P

Pigs vs. Cows was a fun twist that the public could at least see in implementation :)
Proudlove 8 years ago
Planet Tiki!

Planet Tiki by Lino M
Lino M 8 years ago
^Actually, not the theme for the entire con, but a new theme for sure. I have to take a better pic and post before I launch it officially. But are few people are definitely in for the idea already.
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