rolfsky 4:48pm, 5 October 2007
Let's keep in mind that any design must look kickass at 16 pixels square. If we want this everywhere it has to be as legible and recognizable as the RSS logo.

(Actually, there might be some wisdom in starting a trend with "small orange logos" similar to RSS showing that this is a function/feature of the site it appears on.)
wlonline Posted 14 years ago. Edited by wlonline (member) 14 years ago
look at flickr as example: logo is words but the favicon (16x16) is 2 small circles of different colors as represented in the actual logo... Perhaps you could look at having a main logo and something different for the 16x16....
factoryjoe 14 years ago
I do think that the favicon-sized icon will be useful but not as relevant as the OpenID or orange feed icon. For the most part, there will simply be a link to "authorize Consumer against Service Provider" (in more friendly verbiage). You don't really need an OAuth icon for that, even though you could use it if you wanted to.

The OAuth logo is really for promotion, IMO, than for user interface.
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