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vfm4 10:18am, 5 August 2008
as far as i can see, but i missed a lot, Brymo's Doug is the first to complete the project!
congratulations, Bryan! :-)
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cheryl's roving pic's 12 years ago
So long dear flickr friends.....

Yeah!!! I did it. Thanks for a great year of photo's. It was fun.
Ingalill 12 years ago
Yiipi! I have complete the project!
birdpony 12 years ago
thanks for all the enouragement & inspiration. happy new year everybody.
♥ Kegan Posted 12 years ago. Edited by mister wombat (member) 12 years ago
I have updated the widget as well but since we are over 35 completed projects. It wont show everyone on it at one time ^.^ so click it to see all the projects or hit refresh and it will show different ones.

1. Brymo - Doug
2. Snowfire11ro - Cheers
3. AmiMaija - Jack
4. Say cheese Studios - Sally and Linus
5. Glitterstar - Lighty
6. Glitterstar -Street
7. Hicks97 - Skully
8. Jsarcadia - Phone
9. Vfm4 - Ele
10. Smacss - Ring
11 - Marlis1 - Els Ports mountains
12. mrbosslady - Doc's day
13. Mark Kelly - 365 Tree
14. [¯Ô¯] - Andy C - R2-D2
15. lisaclarke - Feet
16. Zruda - Maloměřice shunting yard
17. *janina* - Angel & Devil
18. Mattp9 - Self portraits
19. Harry.1967 - Homer
20. Bjfialkovich - Mickey Mouse watch
21. FondofSnape – Skelly
22. Talkingsun – Arby
23. Midnightglory - Rouge le Fou
24. renee.hawk – Moritz
25. Kegan – The Fuwa’s
26. Gaf – Buh
27: ::cyndi:: - Armageddon Barbie
28. Icedsoul - .:troopies365
29: Jubewong - Peter
30. Arcticlamb - Cricket Ball
31. T_majic.1006 - Marshmallow
32. Talkingsun - Mr Pretzel
33. Jedi Photographer - Boba Fett
34. Jugbo - Uke
35. ingridz - Glory, Pine Tree, Shiloh, Wisteria
36. Jsarcadia - Jimmy
37. Amimaija- Jack (Year 2)
38. Expressions by Christine - Andy
39. Kinnikinnick - Green Bottle
40. Smacss – Knothead
41. Cappendave - Wall-E
42. Gioser_Chivas - EL CHAVO
43. Sërch - Speedy
44. JKissnHug - Holly
45: Mister Wombat - Wombats Sheila & Bruce
46: Cheryl's roving pic's - Cal & co
47. Ingalill - Little-buddy
48: Birdpony - Nappy & Theo
49: Girlzoot - Handwriting
50: Kegan - Clair
52. PaperBouquet - Cheesy Steve
52. KrazyBee - Wall-e
53. Justapaperbag - Greg Oden
54. deedoucette - Chuck
55. BarbaraCZ - Slinky
zamburak 12 years ago
Bookworm celebrates

Finished with Bookworm several days ago, but forgot to post that here. It was great fun!
BarbaraCZ 12 years ago
Slinky is done! :D
365/365 Slinky ~ The Perfect Ending
♥ Kegan 12 years ago
did it again Good job Jack..on to year 4 :)
vfm4 11 years ago
fantastic job, congrats! you two! :-)
it's fun isn;t it??
♥ Kegan 11 years ago
Way to go!
Michelle's Camera 11 years ago
Roger and I are done! I know we weren't the best at commenting on others' pictures, but we visited many of them and had a great time.

365/365 10/21/10
Camino Z 11 years ago
Finished the 365 with Sebastian, Thank you for share this year with us,

Sebastian 365#365
Flycello 11 years ago
Yoshi and I wrapped it up today... What a year!

Finale Day 365/365 (12.31.10) by Flycello
mister wombat 11 years ago
general volcano [deleted] 11 years ago
"365/365 12/31/2010: Take a bow..." by Picturethis247 [?]
365/365 12/31/2010: Take a bow...
phlegmmy 11 years ago
365/365 ONE!!
MarilynTee Posted 11 years ago. Edited by MarilynTee (member) 11 years ago
Ice Bat completed his project by marrying the love of his life, Milly, on Dec. 31, 2010.
Here Comes The Bride
Flycello 11 years ago
That is adorable! Congrats!
altpers 11 years ago
Randy's last day (Jan. 28, 2011):

DevonViolet Posted 11 years ago. Edited by DevonViolet (member) 11 years ago
365/365 Parting is such sweet sorrow

cant believe we made it!
over and out.... Curry and Laura x
zamburak 11 years ago
final group shot

All done with Aquavoda! Now to take a bit of a breather before seeing if I'm silly enough to go for a 3rd year.
Crazyquilter 11 years ago
365/365 by Crazyquilter

Sara and I are done, also! Thanks to everyone who shared the year with us.
poly-ester 10 years ago
365 :( by poly-ester
yep finished .say bye doctor dog :) was great seeing every1s pics keep going ppl ill miss you :(
Kiki Dahll 10 years ago
Fina and I made to the end! Our next project will be "Fina and Friends - 365", so not the same object every day. It's been fun and a great challenge.

365 !!!
vfm4 10 years ago
but it has to be the same object every day, that's what this group is all about....
Kiki Dahll 10 years ago
Oh, yes, I didn't mean to imply that I would do that type of project here in this group, but rather in a different 365 group. However, I did change my mind and just started another 365 with one object - another doll - and am on day 4. Wow! 365 sounds like a big number again.
vfm4 10 years ago
i know, it seems endless... glad that i'm almost done with my second ele project...

already thinking about another one, it will probably be ivy, which i've done a big part with.... only have to start posting... won't take so long... :-)
vfm4 10 years ago
ele made it! and now he takes a very long rest! :-)

if ele were....
WEll, finished year 4.. Gotta keep that pup busy!!
vfm4 10 years ago
keep going, you and Jack! :-)
amiMaija (Anne Brown Photography) Posted 10 years ago. Edited by amiMaija (Anne Brown Photography) (member) 10 years ago
He is a taskmaster!!!
Bisse Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Bisse (member) 10 years ago
Au revoir!
'Til we meet again....
Zebra has completed his year before the camera.

When I began this project, I wasn't sure I could finish out the year. What helped?
*Thinking of the zebra photos in a loose sequence as illustrations to a story you might tell children.
*The kind comments from other people in the group - THANK you so very much!

It has been fun. :-)

All the best wishes for the new year - have fun taking photos, and best of luck with your photo "projects!" Skål!
vfm4 10 years ago
congratulations, Bisse and Zebra! :-)

and Happy New Year!
♥GreenTea♥ 10 years ago
YAY, finished my 365 project ^_^

First :
1/365 : PIGGY!

365/365 : last day of the year
vfm4 10 years ago
congrats, GreenTea! :-)
♥ Kegan 10 years ago
vfm4 10 years ago
never thought we'd make it, i think this was the hardest 365 we ever did...

Ze End
Tropical Ties 10 years ago
Wow that was tough!!!
Thanks everyone for the encouragement and all the great captures
Weeping Buddha (Enlightenment) - 365/365 07/02/2012
Eric.Ray Posted 10 years ago. Edited by vfm4 (member) 10 years ago
plecojan 10 years ago
A very low-key finish to a wild and crazy year. LOL! Salazar and I thank you all for this fantastic opportunity and for the chance to get to know such wonderful folks. Best of luck to those still on the go.

Here's our last photo...
Over and Out

...and here's the whole year in a nutshell.
Lots o' Photos...Lots o' Memories :-)
Miss a Liss 10 years ago
Well, this has been such a great experience! My very first 365 group and we just finished. Georgie will still be on my stream from time to time tho. He is too cute to not Thank you to all!! This has been great, and I WILL be back..
365/365  2/11/12  the FINAL countdown...The End
yakul 10 years ago
This is also my very first attempt at completing a 365 project. Thank you all for your support and comments, and for accepting a tiny orange koosh ball named ash.ton.koosh.cher into your lives! Aloha!

simoneo333 10 years ago
Off to See the World
KaterRina 10 years ago
Our last day :-)
The End by KaterRina
Daniel MacDondale 10 years ago
! 365/365 ! 21-February-2012 by Daniel MacDondale

Last photo of the project. It was indeed fun! And worthwhile!

Thanks for the good times.
Kegan-MMORPG 10 years ago
WOW so many more completed projects! Way to go all. P.S. Updated the ticker so if you wondering who just Favorited all your photos that what its for :D
olmjohns 10 years ago
I finished my project yesterday! Here's #365:
365/365 02/28/2012 Ring by olmjohns
mistrav8r 10 years ago
Last night (this morning) Kodak and I finished up his 365 day project.
We decided on a rather simple portrait.
Kodak's Final Image.
Congrats everyone
zamburak 10 years ago

All done with Killian! Don't have an object for year four picked out yet, but I do plan to continue after a break.
cathiehh Posted 9 years ago. Edited by cathiehh (member) 9 years ago
Elle 366/366 30.04.2012: Last couple of days - C-Elle-bration

366 days of Elle finished!

I've enjoyed every day Thank you for all the support!
Finished year 5. Thanx jack
mistrav8r 9 years ago
Happy New Year!
This was my second year of 365 (well, 366, but I missed a day) photographs.
Happy New Year - Voodoo 365 Days
Hope everyone enjoyed the ride!
Crazyquilter 9 years ago
With no fanfare because I have the cold from ... Sara finished her second 365 on Jan. 3. I only missed three days worth of photos the whole year.

Thanks to everyone who looked and especially those who commented.

Sara says good by to the crazy quilt Christmas tree for this year. by Crazyquilter
Congrats for all 3 of us :))
vfm4 8 years ago
donnie says bye bye and take care! (-o:

gone - almost..
zamburak 8 years ago

All done with my 4th object, Affi!
♥ Kegan 8 years ago
Gratz All
fabbird1964 8 years ago
Has finally finished my first 365 project ))
Second project starts Nov 1st
Iwan 365/365
vfm4 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by vfm4 (member) 8 years ago
well done! looking forward to your next object! :-)
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