mollykiely 5:25pm, 7 February 2011

...if any of you are wondering why your view counts skyrocketed today!
Pea 11 years ago
Molly, I was indeed puzzled and only twigged when I saw a comment on your photo.
sable substance [deleted] 11 years ago
thats how i found you guys. what an awesome group! now, to think of my object....
mister wombat 11 years ago
sweet! keep up those great photos coming!

thanks for the heads up!
Miss a Liss 11 years ago
The blog is why I am YAY BLOG!!! This is the first 365 project I have joined to participate in. I hope to be able to stay with it, and look forward to getting silly.
northern star pics 11 years ago
that's how I discovered the group too! Continuing with the YAY BLOG, love the silliness.
♥ Kegan Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ♥ Kegan (admin) 11 years ago
Oh how fun! And WOW 250 people joined since then ^.^

* Made of Stardust * 11 years ago
Woo, awesome, I saw the blog and got very excited, but my internet has been down, so unable to comment until today. Congratulations to every one for making this group so great.
Keep up the hard work and keep having fun :o)
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