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Open Source House is an experimental architectural design project. The goal is to design a house while making the design process and design documents available to all potential users of the house for comment and contribution. The hope is that the project will produce design ideas that no individual contributor to the project could have produced on their own.

Please feel free to contribute in any way you can. Contributions and comments to the design or the process are welcome.

Flickr is a little complicated to use and I know that the site is a bit overwhelming. This posting was created as a place to go first to make the whole process a little more friendly.

The discussion groups are where you should look to familiarize yourself with the project (you can see them listed here on the left.) They are also where you should make your comments. For example, if you click on the discussion titled "Design Concept 1" you'll see images and a description of that design concept. by scrolling down you'll see the comments that others have made about that design. At the bottom you can add your own comment, either about the design or about someone else's comment.

In this discussion I will post updates about the project as a whole. Specific updates about certain aspects of the project will go in specific discussion groups. I will also post the emails I send out to all of you here.

Thanks for your help with this project
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I've created a short survey. It only has five questions. The first three questions are bout participating in the project and the final two are about the two most recent design concepts.

Click here to take the survey

You may want to familiarize yourself with the two designs before taking the survey. You can do so by clicking on the links on the left titled "Design Concept 1 - March 14th Update" and Design Concept 2 - March 14th Update"
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Here is what's new as of March 14th


1. Survey
I'm going to start using surveys as a way to make it easier for you to participate in the project. This first survey is very simple, only five questions long. Please click the following link and fill it out – it will only take you a few minutes.

2. New Section to Make Site More User-Friendly--Welcome To Open Source House
I started this section after it was suggested by one of you. Hopefully this section will make it easier for people who are new to the project and don't know where to begin. I'll post updates and these emails to the Welcome section so check it out when you log in to see if there are any important new things to see.

3. What Would Make It Easier For You To Contribute?
I want to make this project as user friendly as possible. I know that some of you, for a variety of reasons, have had trouble contributing. I've created this discussion so that you can let me know why it's difficult to contribute and so that you can offer ways that it might be made easier.

4. Design Changes
I've updated the design concept 1 and I've combined design concepts 2 and 3 into one design, now called design concept 2. I think both designs are really good and all of the recent changes are based on comments received on the site. Please check them out at the links below and give me feedback on them. Also, I'll be posting specific surveys for each of the two design concepts to their Flickr pages very soon.

The Terrace design concept is at:

The Courtyard design concept is at:

As always, I encourage you all to read, comment and post anything you think is of interest. A few of you have uploaded pictures or drawings to the site which is great! I'd love to see more of that.
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Hi everyone,

There have been some great ideas posted about the design in the last few
days. Thank you to everyone who's contributed.

A lot of people have been commenting on the design of the courtyard
space in the center of the house. I've created four renderings that show
some of the possibilities for this space. I've tried to base the
renderings on your comments as much as possible.

Please take a look at them by clicking on the link below and let me know
what you think (either by posting comments on Flickr or by just sending
me an email in response with your thoughts).

Some things to address in your comments:
* Which one or ones do you like best?
* What aspects of the design do you think work or don't work?
* Do you have other ideas about how to improve on one or more of the designs?
* Do you have other ideas that do not fit into any of these designs?

As always, thanks for helping me with my thesis.

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Open Source House has been blogged.

This link goes to the architecture blog Tropolism which has a short entry about the project. Maybe some people who I don't know will start contributing.
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I've created a short online survey for you all to take to figure out which direction to go in with the final courtyard design.

Please click the link below to take it now:
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Survey Results - April 6th

Thanks so much to those of you who filled out the survey about the courtyard design. 19 of you completed the survey and the results are clear about everything except terracing the courtyard. Please click the link below to see what people voted for (and why).

The next step is to get your feedback on the design for one of the house’s interior spaces, the main living area (Kitchen / Dining / Living room). So please start thinking about all things kitchen and dining related. What layout and features would your dream kitchen have? What about your dream tropical kitchen? How would should the kitchen and dining areas relate to the living and outdoor areas? If you have thoughts about this, please jot them down in the new Kitchen / Dining / Living room discussion I’ve start at:

I will be sending out an email with some initial designs (based on your ideas of course) for the main living area next week and would greatly appreciate your feedback on them then. Again, the timeline is very short as the thesis is due May 4th so your speedy response is greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile, I am hard at work preparing for a very important thesis presentation (my penultimate jury at which the thesis committee members will decide whether my project is far enough along/good enough for me to graduate in May or whether I have to spend another semester on it) on Friday. So you won’t be hearing from me any more this week though I do hope you’ll open my next email about the kitchen next week lickety split and respond with lots of juicy ideas, drawings, photos, etc.

After that, there is just one more thing that I’ll need your help with. The final step is to gather your thoughts and feedback on this project. I will be following up with a survey and with some individual interviews in the next few weeks but if you have any thoughts about the process, the web site, these emails, the surveys, the designs, etc., in the meantime, please feel free to share them at:
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New Design Drawings - April 12

People have posted some really great ideas about the kitchen / dining / living room on Open Source House. I've taken these ideas, and some of my own, and created some design drawings. Click on this link to see them:

Remember - you can click on any of the drawings on Flickr to see them bigger.

Please let me know what you think of this design. Do you have thoughts about how it could be improved? What aspects of the design do you like? What aspects do you dislike? Are there features that you think should be included that are not included now? Do you find the drawings easy or difficult to read/interpret? Are there other drawings (different points of view, different sections, etc) that would be helpful to you in getting a sense of the design and formulating your feedback? If so, please let me know what they are.
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