FlickrDelusions 11:54am, 30 January 2021
On Thursday we discussed some of the practicalities of mounting an online exhibition for Artweeks in May of this year. (A physical exhibition is thought to be unlikely so we are planning for virtual.)

We are registered to participate and there is no charge to members of our group this year - our fees are covered by funds left over from previous years.

As before the exhibition will be non-selling and our Artweeks page is at

Last year we exhibited using a series of Galleries on Flickr ( and created a profile page at Artweeks to promote the exhibition - see for sample photos, catalogue and promotional video.

We very much hope you will join the exhibition this year - let me know here or by Flickrmail if you plan to do so and in February we will set out a more detailed timetable and a list of things to do, including submitting a 'lead' photo to be used on the Artweeks pages and promotional materials like the video and catalogue.

Also, please keep the 'Third Thursday' date of 18 February in mind as we expect to have an evening Zoom meeting to discuss these details as a group.
FlickrDelusions 5 months ago
If you are interested in participating we would need to have your confirmation by 19 March. If you'd like to know more and haven't received the email from Alexander please contact Admins Howard or Darrell by Flickrmail.

There will be a Third Thursday evening event on 18 March that will discuss the Artweeks exhibition - again, contact us for a Zoom link if you haven't received the email.
jAm=opticalMaterialist Posted 5 months ago. Edited by jAm=opticalMaterialist (member) 5 months ago
great !!

i'm interested and will read the instructions. th you
jamal ibrahim
jericho, oxford
Darrell Godliman 4 months ago
Thanks to those that have confirmed they'd like to take part in this years virtual Artweeks. Thirteen of us will be taking part, we'll probably mention it again nearer the time......
Darrell Godliman 4 months ago
For those now confirmed to be taking part in this years Artweeks virtual exhibition you have two days to finalise your image selection and forward us a link to a flickr set showing the images in the order you'd like them organised in your Gallery. Any questions please get in touch.
jamelikat Posted 4 months ago. Edited by jamelikat (member) 4 months ago
Darrell Godliman:

I just now sent the link to OxfPhotogs. via email (Howard...) but here it is again Darrell.

Let me know if i have to fix, add or take away anything, in terms of number of pictures/aspect ratio and if there's anything i need to add in the album description for the group/Artweeks purposes in addition to the Bio already sent to Howard previously.


Darrell Godliman 4 months ago
jamelikat: Thanks Jamal, they look good to me.......
jamelikat 3 months ago
Darrell Godliman:
good-oh. Thks D.

FlickrDelusions 3 months ago
And we're off - do come and see at!

Oxford Photographers Artweeks 2021 flyer
OxfordPhotographers 3 months ago
We are now entering the final week of 'Artweeks'. Don't forget we have various social media accounts where you can follow us too, these include :

Facebook :
Instagram :
& Twitter :
Darrell Godliman Posted 2 months ago. Edited by Darrell Godliman (admin) 2 months ago
So, Artweeks is over for another year but our online Galleries will remain live if you've not taken a look yet :

A big thanks to all those that have taken part, hopefully we'll all be able to get together for a post-exhibition get together some time soon......
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