OxfordPhotographers 9:27pm, 17 May 2021
For the letter ‘T’ I’ve chosen tourists as our subject.

They’ve been in rather short supply this year but usually they fill the void created when the students leave town for the Summer. Whether they’re taking selfies in the Radcliffe Square or trying to navigate a punt without falling in they’re always a great subject for candid / street photography.

For anyone wanting more of a challenge, photos that represent ‘tourism’ are also welcome, whether you decide to highlight the positive or negative effects of it.

New subjects will be announced weekly so expect 'U' to be posted on May 23rd. We should therefore have made our way through the whole alphabet by the end of June and then may be in a position to hold a socially distanced photowalk.

There's more info about the A-Z as well as instructions on how to post images if you need it in the main A-Z thread: and you can see the Gallery of almost 300 images submitted so far here:

Looking forward to seeing your photos.

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Darrell Godliman 2 months ago
Starting to think I've made a bad choice of subject........ I thought I had more shots myself but now realise most were taken in London. My only other subject option was 'Trashing' but that crosses over with the previous 'Exams' subject. Happy to add other 'T' options if anyone has any suggestions ? I do feel like I've missed some really obvious ones.....

Here's one Brasenose Lane shot :
UK - Oxford - Brasnose Lane Tourists
jddorren08 Posted 2 months ago. Edited by jddorren08 (member) 2 months ago
A tourist group at Balliol.
2019.02240a Balliol College, Broad Street, Oxford

Summer visitors at Hertford College, and the Sheldonian.
2019.02270 The Sheldonian from Hertford College, Oxford

Visitors in Catte Street, with the Radcliffe Camera and All Souls.
2019.02266a The Radcliffe Camera. Oxford, and All Souls

Tourists at Magdalen Chapel.
2019.02313a Magdalen College Chapel, Oxford

Summer punting at Magdalen Bridge.
2019.02325a Punting at Magdalen Bridge, Oxford
terryballard 2 months ago
Christchurch hall by terryballard
Tourists admiring the Christchurch hall used in the Harry Potter films.
Darrell Godliman Posted 2 months ago. Edited by Darrell Godliman (admin) 2 months ago
jddorren08: & terryballard: Thanks for posting.

I think maybe I'll leave the subject as 'tourists' for the first week and then widen it to include other 'T' subjects for the second week if I need to.
Duncan_Taylor 2 months ago
on a schedule
Darrell Godliman 2 months ago
Duncan_Taylor: Excellent...... The kids won't get lost and if they don't make it back to the hotel at night at least they've got their sleeping bags with them.......
OxfordPhotographers 2 months ago
My Admin selection for 'Tourists' is :

Parisa Yazdanjoo's wonderful candid portrait :
Tourist,  Bodlien Library by Parisa Yazdanjoo

Richard Holden's matching backpacks :
Orange backpacks by Richard Holden

& Jeff Coles 'Line up and listen' :
Line up and listen by Jeff Coles

Maybe that'll inspire a few more of you to post some shots........
Duncan_Taylor 2 months ago
I think I already used this one - perhaps under B for Bodleian. But given the lack of tourists here just now I thought you might allow it twice!

Version 2
FlickrDelusions 2 months ago
This is from 2008
Oxford tourism

And this from last year
Radcliffe Square/Catte Street

We know what happened ...
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