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After some deliberation for the letter ‘V’ I’ve chosen to keep it open and allow anything beginning with the letter ‘V’……. I’m happy for people to interpret this as widely as they want but if it’s not obvious then please add an explanatory note.

New subjects are announced weekly so expect 'W' to be posted on June 6th. We should have made our way through the whole alphabet by the end of June and then may, fingers –crossed, be in a position to hold a socially distanced photowalk.

The individual threads are kept open for two weeks so there's still time to submit more ‘University Park' shots :

There's more info about the A-Z as well as instructions on how to post images if you need it in the main A-Z thread: and you can see the Gallery of over 300 images submitted so far here:

Looking forward to seeing your photos.

An Oxford Flickr Group Admin

P.S : If anyone has any suggestions for X, Y & Z themes then they would be greatly appreciated…… Either send me a flickrmail or put your suggestions in the main A-Z thread :
OxfordPhotographers Posted 2 months ago. Edited by OxfordPhotographers (admin) 2 months ago
I'll start us off with the Admin selection which might hopefully inspire a few people......

A photo of the Varsity Shop in Winter by Stuart Yeates :
The Varsity Shop
Seemingly in the UK, Varsity relates to anything to do with the University, whereas in the US it is more specifically related to 'top flight' University or College sport. On that basis let's say all University sport is included......
James Lyon's rowing photo almost makes me see what's so great about getting up at 5am every morning......
Early Morning on the River Thames, Oxford
'The Keeper' by Reckless Times also stood out amongst all the University sports shots in the group pool. This is apparently a game between Oxford University and Oxford Brookes, but he doesn't say who won.
The Keeper
Duncan_Taylor 2 months ago
This is quite the challenge. I am pretty stumped but then thought of volumes.

FlickrDelusions 2 months ago
First up the Varsity Lacrosse match, and Oxford were the Victors over Cambridge

Oxford v Cambridge women's lacrosse

Worcester College chapel is a fine example of Victorian architecture

Worcester College chapel, Oxford

While up in Quarry the Turkish Knight celebrates his apparent Victory over King George

The Turkish Knight gloats after his apparent victory
Darrell Godliman 2 months ago
Duncan_Taylor: & FlickrDelusions: Thanks for trying....I think after W it's going to get more challenging / tenuous.......
Duncan_Taylor 2 months ago
I have an X !!
Duncan_Taylor 2 months ago
Vice Chancellor (next to the guy in red).

street gang
jddorren08 Posted 2 months ago. Edited by jddorren08 (member) 2 months ago
Vintage dress at the Corpus boathouse. Eights Week 1967.

1967.00-01b Oxford. Eights Week 1967, Corpus Christi College Boathouse.

Vulning: To wound (oneself) by biting at the breast. A term used of the pelican, which was once believed to feed its young with its blood, as a heraldic motif and symbol of Christ. The pelican on top of the sundial in the Front Quad of Corpus Christi College. From Latin vulnerare, to wound. Described in The Arms of Corpus Christi College, Oxford

2019.02341c The Pelican above the sundial, Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Vermiculation. On the Danby Gateway to the Botanic Garden. This refers to the heavy decoration of the stonework where there are bands of vermiculated rustication alternating with plain dressed stone. From the Latin for worm, or little worm, the decoration resembles worm tracks, clearly seen here.

2019.02333 Entrance Archway to the Botanic Gardens, by Magdalen Bridge, Oxford

Vaulting. The fan-vaulted archway at St John's College between the Canterbury Quadrangle and the Gardens. There is another "V" in this photo and that is "voussoir", any one of the wedge-shaped blocks in the arch at the bottom of the photo.

2019.02218a The Canterbury Quad, St. John's College, Oxford. Fan vaulting in the east range archway.
Darrell Godliman 2 months ago
Duncan_Taylor: & jddorren08: Thanks for the ideas.....
Darrell Godliman 2 months ago
A couple more examples of fine vaulting in Oxford, firstly from the Bodleian's Divinity School and then Christchurch College :

UK - Oxford - Bodleian Library - Divinity School fisheye 04_DSC3528

UK - Oxford - Christ Church College - Hallway vaulting 01_DSC3519
Darrell Godliman Posted 2 months ago. Edited by Darrell Godliman (admin) 2 months ago
And whilst I'm at it, here's a vintage couple on their way to an Oxford Ball :

UK - Oxford - Glamorous Couple 01
jddorren08 Posted 2 months ago. Edited by jddorren08 (member) 2 months ago
Another "V" is "voussoir" also in my photo of the St John's vaulting and of course in The Bridge of Sighs. A wedge-shaped block in an arch.

2019.02269 Hertford College, Oxford. The Bridge of Sighs
Duncan_Taylor 2 months ago
V has turned out to be surprisingly interesting! Here is a strip of vellum - ie animal skin which was used for writing upon before paper came along. Vellum manuscripts were often repurposed (especially during the Reformation when many were ordered destroyed). In this instance the original manuscript has been used for binding a later book. This is from Trinity College library

Duncan_Taylor 2 months ago
and here is a detail from the Divinity School ceiling of St Veronica. She is holding up her 'napkin' which she used to wipe the face of Christ on his way to his crucifixion. It miraculously retained the impression of his face. She is associated with the truth (as it is the true likeness of Christ) and was the patron saint of laundry workers and more importantly of photographers (who knew!).

St Veronica
Yior Kala 2 months ago
V for Victory, when a rowing crew bumps other boats on every race during Torpids. This was the case for St Edmund Hall's W2 crew, who will be awarded "blades" for their achievement. Summer Torpids 2021, the first rowing tournament in Oxford after ages.

Blades! Summer Torpids 2021
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