Bloody pandas!

Bruce Clarke 3:56pm, 11 June 2021
Anyone else getting constant Bad Pandas? Having to refresh after almost every click which fixes it. Had it a few days now. They say they are aware of it, but taking their time. It might be browser-related. Firefox 89 64-bit Windows 10 latest here.
Darrell Godliman 2 months ago
No issues here. Presumably this is just flickr you're having problems with and not a wider internet issue resulting from living out in the 'sticks' ?
Bruce Clarke 2 months ago
Darrell Godliman: Just Flickr. They've acknowledged the problem in the Help Forum. I guess your on a Mac? I'll try Chrome, as someone said that worked.
Darrell Godliman Posted 2 months ago. Edited by Darrell Godliman (admin) 2 months ago
Bruce Clarke: No, an ancient but much upgraded PC running Windows 10 / Firefox. Any luck with Chrome ?
Bruce Clarke 2 months ago
Darrell Godliman: Chrome is fine, but a pain, as I use that for paragliding weather with a load of open tabs. Still no solution, so I'll try to remember to use Chrome.
Bruce Clarke 2 months ago
Anyone else having the problem, I think I've sorted it just by clearing the Flickr cookies and logging in again, after reading the suggestion on their help forum.
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