fretful riddle [deleted] 7:26am, 1 May 2006
Everyone who rides and takes photos has taken one or two of these.

This is what we're talking about.

Dig it.
Yohei Morita 15 years ago
dude Timmy.
you do so fast.

and I want to say "thanks panda"!
envious bell [deleted] 15 years ago
I think you made this group for me! I am sure to be a top poster. Look out!
faster panda kill kill 15 years ago
fun! i look forward to seeing these. i want to say thanks yohei, timmy, absenter, fastboy, seth, mike1727, irena kittenclaw, freefaller, moyercycles, nightdrive, pawls, snazzo, chimblysweep, april cakes, cricketpress, bicyclist, nmoroder, ibikela, onetwentyeight, katastrophik, mexican knife fight, well hell - yes everyone on my contacts for all the inspiration they have given me. its a good thing.

dont fall over when you're taking these pictures. :-)
fretful riddle [deleted] 15 years ago
I guess I should add that it goes without saying that these are also, by their nature, bikebyshootings. Panda portraits are merely a subset of the larger style that is bikebyshooting.
mike1727 15 years ago
Nearly totalled myself getting pandas on the way in this morning, the things I do for 'art', eh...
April Farnum 15 years ago
miss_kcc 14 years ago
I am new here, and if mike1727 hadn't invited me I would never have found the group as I never heard of a panda before (beyond the black and white creature) - so a question from a foreigner - "why a panda"??
mike1727 14 years ago
See in the thread above, and on the group description page.

(and lets see some off-road portuPandas ;+)
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