Wayfinding UK 1:10am, 1 November 2006
What is everyones thoughts on Pictograms and their effectiveness of communicating to people of all cultures and languages? Do you think that they are effective and do you think every country has there own style despite the fact they are just simple pictures?
sandorsz 15 years ago
No doubt they're effective and simple solution to communicate.
Not every country has it's own style but there are styles. Some just adopt the standards, some just copy them and a few create a new one.
Wayfinding UK 15 years ago
If you look at the new olympic symbols for the 2008 games they have a very distinct style in relation to their country of origin.
sandorsz 15 years ago
I guess tradition and visual culture are increasingly important as a new way to design olympic pictograms. These are visual parts of the event, working as a logo for a brand. I think the local traditions help a lot for a designer, actually I'm more interested in pictograms for common places without moral purposes focusing on the pure communication. Sorry for my English, hope I was clear.

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