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Hiii Illustration International Competition

Hiii Illustration International Competition call for entries. The competition open to all illustrators, creative professionals, publishers, agencies, representatives, students and teachers from all the world.
The Competition has two parts: the Published and the Unpublished. All participators only upload their works to can be treated as taking part in the competition. All competition entries will be exhibited in this page,
Several international well-known judges will select the winners, consisting of 1 Grand Prix, 20 Best Works, and 200 Outstanding Works. All winners will be complied into the Hiii Illustration APP on Mac Apple Store.


Eduardo Bertone / Argentina
Gregori Saavedra / Spain
Kleon Medugorac / Germany
Walter Vasconcelos / Brazil
Yuko Shimizu / Japan

The Published
The illustration works commissioned by agencies in the form of posters, ads, CDs, packages, books, magazines, newspaper, other publication (including digital formatting), movies, televisions, videos, animations or websites, etc. which have been published, produced, or applied for in practice.
The Unpublished
Self-initiated, commissioned but not published, personal or experi­mental work, which has not been commissioned or published, etc.

Any illustration works, created or published from January 2008 through August 2012 are eligible. Entries may be from any country in the world.
Each illustration is a single entry. A completed work can be with several illustrations. A series of works can include more than ten different illustrations. If the number of illustrations is over ten, the committee only chooses the ten of them for judging.
Work created or published between January 1, 2008 and August 31, 2012 for both print and digital media.

How to enter:
Participators should register and login this website,
Login as a returning user with your email and password if you entered last year; or register for a new account.
This version can guide you for uploading the works in detail,

Before you begin, please have the following ready. This will make the process go quickly.
- Your email address you registered in this website, which the committee will contact you by this email address.
- The title and description of your works. If you put in English for them, it is must be let the judges get more understanding to your works. Besides, make sure that there is no ‘’’ (single quote) in English formatting in title and description, the database is not supported it now.
- Any digital files saved as JPG, 72 dpi, RGB (not CMYK), 1024 pixels on the longest side, less than 1MB.

Cost: Free participation fee

Grand Prix- one
Best of the Best (Published one)- ten
Best of the Best (Unpublished one)- ten
Merit Award (Published one)- one hundred
Merit Award (Unpublished one)- one hundred
(All works will be chosen by the international judges, so the chosen results will not be infected by polling in internet.)

The works for the Grand Prix, the Best of Best, and the Merit Award will be complied into Hiii Illustration APP on Mac Apple Store, well being on display at here with winners’ links and contacts. The winners for the Grand Prix and the Best of Best will be reported by the media, and The Grand Prix will be chosen as the cover of Hiii Illustration APP (iPad).

Deadline: August 31, 2012

Judging Period:
Sep-Dec 2012. The Organizing Committee will announce the judging results timely.
The participator whose works entered into the second round judging will be informed around some time in October 2012, and could be offered some certificated info for reconfirming their works.
Hiii Illustration APP will be listed on Mac Apple Store in three months when the winner’s list has been announced.

Please make sure that the contents you will fill in the table are true, and should agree the statement as below: The organizing committee has the right to refuse to receive the works which will be thought of considering offensively moral, politics or religion.
The entrants should be the original authors of their works with the ensure copyright.
If a work has the intellective right or copyright dispute, the organizing committee will cancel the qualification of the entry right. The entrants must undertake all the consequences. Submission of entries acknowledges the right of Organizers to use them for publication (including digital publication) and exhibition.

More details:

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