Canon 100mm 2.8

IvanCordero 4:33pm, 19 November 2015
Any opinions regarding the use of the canon 100mm 2.8 for potraits? Plan to embark in the 100 potraits of strangers and other than that lens I only have the canon 17-55mm. Will get an 85mm 1.8 in december still another question is how different are these lenses, I mean the 100 and 85 on a 7d ii? I know the 70 - 200 is great but way beyond my current budget. Apreciate any comments.
Chobinho 6 years ago
I'm looking to get the 70-200L USM F4 lens secondhand. They are around 300-400 euro here, which is just 100 euro difference with 85mm. I think I'd go for that.

I personally have 50mm f.14 USM, 17-85 USM, and i'll get the 70-200 and will be set for almost everything :P
Ceaser Deb 5 years ago
I have the Sigma 70-200mm 2,8 and it is a great lens does not cost as munch as the Canon I have the Canon 7d mark ii
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