jessilong 5:20pm, 24 April 2007
does anyone know how to make this rug? shaggy raggy rug
creaworx 14 years ago
I think in the book "Rag Rugs" by Ann Davies is a tutorial for such a shaggy rug. It´s done on a special loom. Difficult to explain, sorry, but the book is interesting anyway, so maybe worth a closer look.
Hope this helps.
josayz 14 years ago
I have just joined this site & noticed your post. I realize it is a little 'old', but if you are still interested......I have made a couple of 'Shag Rag Rugs'. I only used cut fabric and rug canvas. I would be happy to send you pictures and directions. Martha
justmes 14 years ago
I too would love to have instructions on a shaggy raggy rug. Please help. Josyz your rugs are beautiful.....
ancmtc2428 14 years ago
I would also love to have the instructions for the shaggy raggy rug. I have been all over the internet for the past three days and have not had any luck so far. Any help would be great. Amy.
jessilong 14 years ago
I have started one, but I am experimenting and moved onto another project for a little while. Here is what I did so far.

Purchased a rug canvas and a latch hook tool.
Cut old T-shirts into small strips 3"x3/4".
Followed instructions for latch hooking.

Instructions for latch hooking:

It looks great on the rug side, but I am stretching out the canvas as I go, so I think I need to make my strips thinner. When I start up again, I am going to go with 3"x1/2" strips and see how it goes.
jessilong 14 years ago
note: this is not a fast project. It will consume a lot of your time.
josayz 14 years ago
You're right jessih9.rm, the strips are too wide. Also, if you find it easier to work with longer strips (4"-6"), go ahead, you can give the rug a trim, when finished. That way, you don't have to be so particular about having all the strips exact.
jessilong 14 years ago
devancarol 14 years ago
I would love to have directions to make a shaggy rag rug. PLEASE let me know if you can email me instructions. Thank you so much!
josayz 14 years ago
devancarol....send me your email address and I will send you instructions. I have made them from knits and also cottons. If you look at my photos, you will see that the fish is cotton & the lizard was knit. Of course you don't have to make it whimiscal. I also have squares, etc. JoSayz's email address is
jkw_fire_horse 14 years ago
The Rugmaker's Homestead website has a lot of info and some free directions for making various types of rag rug including "Knotted Shag & 'Strung Shag' Rag Rugs". It might be of interest to you. This is the link:

I am making a prodded shaggy wallhanging (it could be a rug) by poking 4" x 1 - 2" strips of fabric through a hessian backcloth. (The width of the fabric varies according to the thickness of the fabric used.) It is on a frame, and you poke both ends separately through from the back of the work, about 3 holes apart. I fold the strips along the long sides to fold the raw edges to the middle and then fold again, so that you have a sort of tube of fabric. It makes the 'prodding' easier! You keep adding more strips, 3 holes apart and pulling both ends with your hand under the frame to keep the ends even. Eventually you should have covered the whole area and the number of rag strips keeps everything in place. Just fold under a few inches of excess hessian to hem it, and that's it. Hope this makes sense!
Chaymation 13 years ago
Here is one I made, just by pushing strips through a hessian backing, if you click through to the full picture the next photo shows the back of the rug

power up mushroom rag rug
miukat 12 years ago
If anyone is still interested, there are also knit and crochet stitches that make loops, like
this and this.
maddiem22 12 years ago
I am a stay at home housewife/mom and looking for a craft that will be rewarding and satisfying. I am really interested in learning to make the shaggy raggy rugs. I would love to make one for my nursery. As far as material/tools (everything to get started) what do I need? I have read all of the post and feel pretty confident and determined to make one of these. I would love some help. I want to create a solid color rug without any pattern to begin, just to get the idea of hooking. I am not sure about the backing. With using a rug canvas will this give me a weak rug? And also I have not heard anyone mention using a frame,and in one article it says it is essential.
I am really glad I found everyone online, I didn't realize this was available, right here!
tzulady2 9 years ago
Hi, I remember my mum making rag rugs many years ago, she used to let me help and it kept me occupied for many hours. She used just a hessian sack as the backing fabric, rags were cut to about 3" x 1/2" and then a latch hook was used to knot the rags onto the backing. Eventually after all the knotting was complete she would trim the rug for a more even surface and stitch around the edges for added strength.
I'm about to start on a rug myself, I've used a permanent marker and drawn a design on my sack, it's an enjoyable and rewarding craft, the worst part is cutting all the rags!
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