creaworx 9:30am, 24 June 2007
Hi all, I am about to start my first crochet rug and am not sure what size to cut the fabric strips. How do you do that? I think I found various tutorials on the internet varying from 1/2" to 1 1/2". Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Oh, and what size of hook do you use?
Hope I will be able to upload my first picture for this group soon :-)
Karin in Germany
sunshine's creations 14 years ago
it is the thickness of the yarn that determines the width of the strip the thicker the fabric the skinner the strip in crochet. The thinner the fabric the wider the strip in crochet. The reason I state in crochet is this doesn't always hold true in braided rugs. depends on the look you want with them.
livedinalaska 12 years ago
For my rug I used cotton bed linens and a Q size crochet hook and cut my strips loosely about 1", I wasn't too fussy about making perfect strips.

There's soo much inspiration here that I want to make more rugs!!
EEECrafter 2 years ago
I cut my cotton fabric strips approximately 2" x 36". My go to hook is a "K".
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