actually reaction [deleted] 4:23pm, 25 April 2006
My avatar is blind and needs glasses--anybody know how to kit-out these alter-goofballs with glasses?
Greg Schwartz 15 years ago
I've got sunglasses. Not prescription though.
Eiseldora 15 years ago
I have some black frame glasses that fit on the nose. they look more like reading glasses
Zack Mortal 15 years ago
Try primcrafters, or -- I can't remember the name of the place, but search Classifieds for "glasses." I liked the place with "Mad" in the name.
Eiseldora 15 years ago
I got a nice pair from the show and tell
unique comparison [deleted] 14 years ago
If you start out with the "city" version of the male avatar, he has a pair of oval-shaped black-frame glasses which I still use, even though otherwise I've completely redone my avatar.
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