rowanf 1:07am, 21 July 2007
I have taken on the job of helping to moderate this group. I will probably be removing some pictures that have crept into the group but which have nothing to do with libraries in Second Life. Please don't feel like I'm dissing your picture - I'm just trying to maintain the integrity of the group and its documentation of our history.

When posting to this group, please tell us something about the picture. This is our story! Help us tell it.

Rosmairta Kilara
roligloon 14 years ago
Is anyone else taking photos of the TX-950 dances, Rosemairta? I've posted a few each time, but I don't want to be pushing someone else's photos out if you think we're getting too many.

rowanf 14 years ago
I take photos of TX-950 dances too, as you'll see in the pool. But they are well within the scope of the group and I love to see everyones!
rowanf 14 years ago
I'd really appreciate it if people could say where on the Info Island archipelago shots posted to Second Life libraries come from. We've gotten so big I'm not going to recognize every location anymore. It will make it easier to clean the pool. Thanks!
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