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david smeaton ADMIN March 7, 2013
REMINDER about the rules ... especially for new members. Post ONE photo and then critique TWO. Before posting, please take time to read the rules and posting system (below).

Also, check out the monthly challenges and keep an eye on the "winner's thread" to see who's being published each month!

Group Description

Expat photographers all around Korea contributing photos and developing their photography.
The monthly themed challenge is published in Groove Magazine - a nationwide expat mag.

Attention those new (and old) to photography:

There is a wealth of information about many different aspects of photography in the more than 60 Korea Herald 'In Focus' articles in the archive here, along with the challenge winning photos.

Other cool Flickr groups in Korea:

Visit the Seoul Strobist Club for discussion on strobist technique and to catch up on the latest location shoots and competitions.
If you don't live in Korea, want to post images taken elsewhere and want that good old SPC community feel, head over to Seoul Photo Club International.
If you are looking for regular meet-ups and photo walks in Seoul and environs, also join up at Flickr in Seoul - another very friendly and helpful Flickr group in Korea.
The group Cosplay Korea is where you can find out about upcoming cosplay events. Always fantastic events for great portraits with very colorful, willing and interesting subjects.

Interesting / Useful websites

Dylan "WelkinLight" Goldby's photography blog.
Shawn "Flash" Parker's photography blog., a useful Korean news and blog portal, takes an image feed from the SPC. Check them out.

Scanning / Developing / Printing

Need 35mm film scanned?? Drop Dylan a line. 3000 won a roll and just as good as the lab. See here for a bit more detail. Check out the Developing Film and Printing in Seoul page on the SPC blog for where to get these things done.


1. Read all the rules!!
2. Comment constructively on other people's photos - "Nice pic" is extremely poor constructive criticism and is considered offensive by conscientious SPC members. Point out positives and negatives that you see in a photo.

POOL SUBMISSIONS: all photos must be taken by you in Korea

1. Submit one photo.
2. Then comment constructively on the two previous photos in the pool.
3. You can submit another photo once two photos from other people have been published.
4. Rinse and repeat.

SPC Posting Rules


Specific details of the theme and date of publication will be given in the challenge thread. The current challenge will be stickied to the top of the discussion threads.
1. Read the current challenge rules and requirements.
2. Add your photos to the challenge thread. You may add more than 1 entry!
3. Include the date, location and camera settings (exif) as well as a brief (one sentence) description of the photo. Recent photos (within the last few months) are preferred, but older photos are acceptable too.
4. The winner will be chosen on the deadline day and the winner will be contacted by the SPC admins. The winner must email the winning photo in a large, high resolution jpg file.
5. If the winner cannot be contacted or cannot proved a high quality image, SPC reserves the right to choose another image. This is due to deadlines and publication requirements.
6. Remember that the challenges are free and in the spirit of fun. By participating you agree to abide by SPC rules and challenge requirements.

AND DON'T FORGET Winners, please post your pic to the Winners Thread after publication.

The QR code for the SPC. You can use it as you see fit.

See the FAQ over on the SPC Blog.

Group Rules

Hi there and welcome.
If you want to join the SPC please read the rules:

Here's a summary:

1. You must live in Korea, please tell me where you currently reside in your application email. You don't need to give us your apartment number, just your locality is fine.
2. Post ONE image and constructively comment on the TWO images immediately prior to yours.

You can get more detail at the SPC Blog, or read the rules carefully on the group page. Challenge guidelines are there also.

I repeat, please read the rules carefully and understand them. It's a very common mistake for new members to agree to the rules, join the club and immediately break them by posting multiple consecutive images, or not providing constructive comment on the two pics immediately before theirs. Then the poor Admin Guy has to run around, chide people and repair the damage.
Rules are a pain sometimes, but here in the SPC the rules are designed to help you and they work, and work very well.

We hope you enjoy being part of Korea's premier foreign photographic community.

Many Thanks from the SPC team... and enjoy!!

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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