Raffaele Belluccini 3:24pm, 20 June 2009
I' m Italian, from Genoa, and I will be in Siauliai in September doing a pratice in a radio station for nine month...I prefere doing analogic photography... Do you know some shops here where I can develop film and print ? There' s some place when I can also scan the photos?
There's some interesting place to see?
Thank you! : )
RaMarkas 12 years ago
Hi Raffaele, welcome to Siauliai in September. There are few photo shops (we call it minilab) on the main street and in every shoping mall as well. I would recommend to you Foto202 on Vilniaus street 202 (they work really fast). All minilabs would develop your color or b/w film (if it's C41 proccess and 35mm). There is no problem to print photos up to A4 format in every minilab. To print bigger format there is only one place in the city, nearby Foto202 (towards to center about 200m).
I'm not sure for photos scaning, but to scan developed film (and put it on CD or USB key) there is no problem. If say the truth I avoid to scan in minilab because of quality (for storing it's enough but for printing not), and I do it at home with my EPSON V750.
We have big forests and lakes here. Most popular place to see is Hill of Crosses. Every time I get there, I can found something new to take photos in different way. Ciao!
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