premasagar 7:04pm, 7 June 2005
Hi everyone,
I have just started a new group that is related to the Square group.
Golden Rectangle

Basically, instead of the photo dimensions being a square, a Golden Rectangle is one where the width and height are related by the "Golden Section" ratio of 1 to 1.618033...

This is a ratio in sacred geometry that is somehow involved in natural forms and is often found to please the human sense of beauty.

Designs in trees, animals and nature follow this ratio. The ancient Parthenon Temple in Greece was built on these dimensions, as was the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

The specific ratio means that if you were to crop a square from the Golden Rectangle, the remaining small rectangle would have exactly the same ratio as the original rectangle...

Take a look.
Shoshanna Bauer 15 years ago
I'm fascinated right now with Sprials. I've been putting them in all of my artwork. I was wondering if I could post some of the paintings in this group? It seemed like this was mostly a photography group so I wanted to get permission.
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