Amba-lee 10:08pm, 15 October 2012
I am an amateur and new to trying to work with digital art apps and photography apps. I find there is so much I don't understand about how some of the tools in these apps work. Especially in the photography apps. Things such as masks and transparencies, etc etc. Can anyone recommend a good book that gives some basic overall instruction about what these terms mean and how they work.
B Unis 9 years ago
That's a tougher question than it might seem. I find what I've learned about those tools ultimately comes from experience, and trial and error. I tend to collect those books that address the kinds of themes that I'm most drawn to, rather than those that may be more "cookbook"-like. Any book that covers either a specific area, or contains some really stunning images _and_ goes into depth about the techniques that were used is something I find I don't regret buying, as long as I don't let the awesome discourage me from continuing to try and improve (and expand) my set of tools and techniques.

I suspect you might hit a threshold at some point in that exploration, where you start having "happy accidents" with the tools... the more you have those, the more likely you will begin to remember and find some of them second nature to use and to feel free to play with.

One of the big keys is just to remember that as long as you are saving in the editable format, you can often go back and make radical changes and improvements as you learn new trick and find solutions to your most pressing concerns.

I'll try to collect a stack of books and post some titles of those that most match my unfortunately vague description, so you have something specific to refer to.
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