cdevroe 3:11pm, 30 May 2006
If you would like to join the diet, join this group, and comment on this post. You will then be added to the list of dieters.

Photos of weigh-ins are optional, of course.
alclark75 15 years ago
Add me up! :-)
cdevroe 15 years ago
Alan, you have been added my friend. Now you need a blog!
synonymous mine [deleted] 15 years ago
Sign me up!!!!
Sambone Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Sambone (member) 15 years ago
Cool, this should be fun! I am not posting a pic until I am thinner! :)
kmargaret 15 years ago
No photo yet, but sign me up.
Newbirth35 15 years ago
Is there any specific weigh-in day, like Tuesday or something?
alclark75 15 years ago
Newbirth this is a good point maybe we should have a day where we post if we have lost any weight.
manos_rigkas 15 years ago
Sign me up ,and good start for every one !!!
cdevroe 15 years ago
AClark: Every Tuesday.
Miss Plum 15 years ago
hi, i'm in! please add me to the list.
Newbirth35 15 years ago
Ok, I post my weight frequently in my blog, but I will be sure to weigh-in on Tuesdays.
bovious 15 years ago
Hi, I'll join. My blog is at

My current diet page is at

But I'm in the process of changing to fitday. Once my journal is public I'll post the link on the backpackit page.

I'd appreciate comments on my approach, especially if somebody decides to try it themselves. I've had really good success (I'm feeling a lot better - more energetic and a lot more in control about food but I haven't weighed myself.)
kelsey * 15 years ago
I'll join too. This is pretty motivational...
cdevroe 15 years ago
bovious: Please read how to join, and do so the way everyone else did. Much easier to keep track that way - much appreciated. And welcome!
Celladoor 14 years ago
Would like to join. Motivation is a key component and battling the bulge. It's tough going at it alone.
nivaneas 14 years ago
i am going to do these:

start a diet
lose the weight
keep it off
feel better
be proud
love myself, completely

and this will help.
Wally Hartshorn 14 years ago
Okay, I'm in.

I had come across a self-portrait posted by a very large woman on day 100 of a 365-day self-portrait-a-day challenge. She posted it and talked about her weight, etc. I thought to myself that posting a weekly photo along with my weight would be a good form of motivation for weight loss. Then I thought, "I wonder if there's a group for that"? And so here I am!

I do have a mostly dormant blog where I can post updates, but I suspect I'll be posting updates in a set on my flickr page instead.

I'm 6'1" and in the neighborhood of 265. I'd like to be down below 190. We'll see. First weigh-in and photo on Tuesday, July 10!
cdevroe 14 years ago
Wally: We look forward to having you. Although our group isn't nearly as active as it once was, -- we're all still here, ready to help where we can. Thanks for joining and I personally look forward to watching your progress!
damianbyrne 14 years ago
Add me please, saw the link from Lifehacker and thought it a great idea
Wally Hartshorn 14 years ago
Colin: One suggestion to help keep the group more active would be to create a single "Post Your Weigh-Ins Here" thread, rather than the individual "Week 99 Weigh-Ins" threads. One advantage is that it would be one less thing for you to do each week (hooray!). Another advantage is that, by eliminating the "Week 99" bit, it would encourage people to jump in any time, rather than feeling like they missed the start and are too late.

Just my $.02. I did weigh in on Tuesday, by the way. I'm at 259.8. Life was a bit crowded yesterday, so I didn't get a photo taken to post. I'll hopefully get that done soon!
Ansirone 14 years ago
so how do we start this? i wanna lose some weight.
lean knot [deleted] 14 years ago
i would like to join this group please
electricfingers22 14 years ago
freaky thing happened i was planning on doing this thing typed in motivation to lose weight in google and BAM up came an image of this guy and i was like woah hes doing exactly what i am embarassing myself online to feel better about trying to lose weight.
electricfingers22 14 years ago
o btw i wanna join this group :)
stevo1352 13 years ago
Count me in :) I am working out 4-6 days a week and I plan from going from 270 to 200. Good luck everyone!
challenged_dieter 13 years ago
Hiya all, I am Samih, a 25 year old guy from Dubai.
you can call me Sam.
The highest weight I ever reached was 255 lb, right now
i am 222. my goal is around 177.

hope to post some goad results in this group :)
DavidMeade 13 years ago
I'm giving it a go as well. To my fellow recent joiners ... do you have blogs or feeds to follow or are you just using flickr?

I'm blogging at:
(feed: )
cdub938 13 years ago
Hey all. I've lost about 30 lbs over last year. Unfortunately over the winter (it gets cold here in the midwest!) I've gained back about ten of those pounds. Time to hop back up on the wagon/tread mill. I'm looking forward to having a community I can participate in.
dewayne smith 13 years ago
Sign me up, I'll get my weigh in to you in due time.
Global Reactions 13 years ago
Checkin' in Cap'n
weighed in today at 236, My goal is to be down to 180lbs in one year if possible.
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